Dishonored 2 Safe Codes & Locations: Unlocking The Vaults


Dishonored 2 is a game all about freedom. The way you approach your playstyle and carry out your assassinations is entirely up to you. And you get handsomely rewarded for optional exploration too, as you learn more about the game’s world and find generous loot.

One of the most exciting things in Dishonored 2 is finding the safes, which are spread throughout the entire map. These safes include things like charms, runes, and collectible items that make your experience in the game’s world more worthwhile. But of course, a safe always comes with protection.

You need codes for each safe in Dishonored 2. And they are not always in plain sight either, so you need to locate them down too. Thus, it can take some extra time for the player to figure out how to unlock the safes. Worry not, we’re here to save your time. Here’s our thorough guide for all the Dishonored 2 safe codes and their locations in the game.

All 11 Dishonored 2 Safe Codes & their Locations

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Dishonored 2 safe codes are sadly randomized. No matter how many codes we give you, it won’t work. Every time you start a new game, the codes are regenerated and you have to manually find them in-game.

So, we’re going to list the location of all Dishonored 2 safe codes. And of course, the location of the safes themselves too. Using this information, you will be able to crack every safe open without fail. And it won’t take much time to find the codes either!

1. Dr. Galvani’s Office – A Long Day in Dunwall


Once you leave the Dunwall Tower, you will enter a building on the left through the open door. Look for a laboratory with a painting of Lady Boyle. Take the painting and that will reveal the code for the nearby safe. It will be ‘451’, and it’s the only code in the game that does not seem to be randomized.


The safe is on the left side of the painting and impossible to miss. Just go to it, enter the code, and you’ve unlocked the safe. This is one of the earliest Dishonored 2 safe codes in the game, and that’s why it’s the easiest too.


2. Overseer Building – Edge of the World


For the safe that is located in Edge of the World, you’ll need to locate the red Overseer building as pictured above. Once on its third floor, you’ll find a safe to unlock. Now, this is where the Discord 2 safe codes become randomized.


How you solve this problem is by looking for pages in the same room as the safe. One of the pages will tell you to remember Three Scriptures in particular. Then, you’ll find another page right next to the safe which will name Seven Scriptures. As you remember the names from the previous page, just read the numbers in the same order.


For example, if ‘Wandering Gaze’ is first for you, then the number is 1. Like that, you’ll get your three digits. And then all you have to do is to enter them.

3. Window Safe Company – Edge of the World


In the same mission, in the end you can enter a shop called the ‘Winslow Safe Company’. This safe is presented as a challenge, and the player has to find its code to win the prize.

Fortunately, the task is simple – head over to the Cash Register in the corner of the shop and rob it. You’ll get the code.


4. Addermire Institute Lobby – The Good Doctor


When you reach the Addermire Institute, go to the second floor. Walk through the corridor and you’ll find an abandoned area with a table and the safe code is on it. Then on the left side, you’ll find the safe itself.


Enter the code and you’re all done, making it one of the easiest Dishonored 2 safe codes to acquire.

5. Dr. Vasco’s Office – The Good Doctor


This code is located in a small corridor on the floor outside the operating room, close to Dr. Hypatia. A disfigured body will speak to you and eventually give you the code.

After this, head down to the Disease Treatment wing and you will find the safe.


6. Alley Office – The Clockwork Mansion


From the Aventa district, you’ll find an open building down the alley. Go to the first floor and you’ll find the code on a chalkboard nearby. You will have to guess one of the digits yourself, which makes this one of the more unique Dishonored 2 safe codes.

Then, head outside and you’ll notice the safe itself. And you’re good to go.


7. Infested Lecture Hall – The Royal Conservatory


You can only obtain this code from the Black Market Shopkeeper. He sells it for 250g if you wish to buy it. But you can also figure out a way to rob it for free too.

Once you have the code, go to the infested building across from the Royal Conservatory. And inside you’ll find a Winslow Safe to unlock.


8. The Furnace Room – Crack in the Slab


In the Furnace Room located on the first floor of Stilton’s Manor, there’s a safe for you to unlock.

This is one of the trickiest Dishonored 2 safe codes because you cannot unlock it in the present due to a Bloodfly Nest. You have to go to the past, find a dog’s dead body, and incinerate it in the surface. Then, come back to the present and the nest will be missing.

You’ll find the code on the broken door of the safe in the present. Then, just go back to the past one last time and unlock the safe.


9. Winslow Safe Company Owner’s Safe – The Grand Palace


It’s time to rob the owner himself. Go to the Winslow Safe Company store and grab the key from the guard’s register. Then, go to the opposite boulevard to the building next to the Wall of Light.

You’ll find an apartment with a picture, and you can find the code behind the person in the image.

After this, just enter the code and you’re good to go.


10. First Captain’s Safe – The Grand Palace


Inside the Grand palace, go to the office of the First Captain which is located in the barracks. You’ll find a note on a nearby table that says that the combination is in the Duke’s Private Office on the third floor. Go there, find the note, and read the code.

Then you can go to the safe and finally unlock it. This is one of the last Dishonored 2 safe codes.


11. Dr. Galvani’s Safe – Death to the Empress


Remember the first safe you stole from? You can steal from it again. This oddly closes the loop on Dishonored 2 safe codes and feels very satisfying too.

Just go back to the same building as last time, which is next to the main entrance to Dunwall Tower. The door will launch incendiary bolts at you when you open it – so make sure to avoid them.

The combination is the same as last time, which is on the portrait canvas that you took the painting from. Funnily, if you missed it the first time around, this gives you another opportunity to loot this place.


And with that last safe, you now know about all Dishonored 2 safe codes and their locations. We hope that you’ll have a fun time opening them and enjoy all the loot that they contain.

We don’t know when the next Dishonored game comes out, but we can’t wait to see all the different safes, collectibles, and secrets the sequel will contain. And we’ll be sure to make a guide for that too!

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