Achieving Divine Power: How To Get Divinity Weapons In Destiny 2


Want to know how to get divinity? Wait, you know what is divinity, right? One of the most useful weapons in Destiny 2 and a need for every Guardian is the Divinity. There are several exotic weapons in Destiny 2, but none have this weapon’s feature.

Divinity doesn’t deal physical damage to foes; instead, it makes a large ball that other players can blast to deal critical damage. Now,  you must be wondering how to get divinity.

Here are all the steps you need to take to obtain a Destiny 2 Divinity. But first get into the details of this weapon, and why players love this destiny2 weapon.

Destiny 2 Divinity Weapon

One of the most expensive and potent weapons available to players right now in Destiny 2 is the Divinity exotic trace rifle, which can be obtained via the Garden of Salvation raid in Shadowkeep.

The Divinity trace rifle is a scalable, potent, and essential piece of equipment for the end game because it instantly stuns Champions, making it one of the strongest Overload methods for dealing with Champions.How to get Divinity requires more than simply a lucky drop from a difficult boss fight.

Together with the several pre-raid missions that must be finished beforehand, players must accomplish the Garden of Salvation raid as well as seven difficult team-based challenges. Don’t worry, though, because this guide has the answer to how to get divinity in Destiny, one of the game’s most potent weapons.

Begin The Divine Fragmentation Quest

how to get divinity weapon in Destiny 2

You must complete the Divine Fragmentation quest before you can access Divinity. After the first squad accomplished the Garden of Salvation raid, this quest will be made available. To obtain it, you must travel to the Moon, where the raid’s entrance is situated.

If Guardians are unsure of their whereabouts, how to get divinity may be a little unclear. Guardians must travel to the location of the Lunar Battlegrounds on the Moon where they can pick up this fragmentation quest. At the start of the Shadowkeep campaign, everyone is dropped into this region.

Guardians must set down in the moon’s Sorrow’s Harbor landing place to reach this location. They will then need to move southward from this landing zone until they reach the Lunar Battlegrounds region. Guardians will then need to turn left and go until they reach a cave with a huge Vex gate at the back.

As soon as you are inside the cave, head to the back where you should see the Vex gate. Before the Minotaur boss spawns, get ready to battle three waves of opponents. To receive an exotic engram, defeat the Minotaur boss. The quest for Divinity will be revealed if you choose the exotic engram, which is the start of how to get divinity in destiny 2.

Complete The Divine Fragmentation Quest

The next step in how to get divinity is to travel to three Lost Sectors on Nessus.

Reclaiming Three Oracles

Now that you have the engram, you will need to locate and retrieve three oracles, all of which are located on Nessus. You should proceed from Artifact’s Edge to Orrey Lost Sector. Once you enter a space illuminated by blue light, you should be able to jump through an aperture in a nearby wall.

The first oracle that needs to be activated is located in this secret area. Kill the enemy that appears after interacting with the oracle, then turn it on.

The Tangle contains the second oracle. As soon as you get to the Tangle, go to the Ancient’s Haunt and continue until the boss spawns. The second oracle is located in a cave that is right there, on the left wall, and you can retrieve it there.

The Conflux, which is a part of the Cistern, contains the third oracle, leading you toward how to get divinity. Navigate the area and enter the cave next to the wreckage at the base of the waterfall.

After entering the first sizable chamber, continue walking until you reach the right side, where you will discover a secret cave close to the roof. Find and activate the third oracle by entering the cave.


120 Decryption Core Pieces are needed for how to get Divinity. They are readily recoverable by either taking out Vex on the Moon or just finishing the Vex Offensive mode.

After gathering all 120 Decryption Core Fragments, you will need to bring 30 Phantasmal Fragments to Eris Morn’s Lecter, where you will receive an Empowered Decryption Core as payment.

The Nightmare opponents are an easy place to find Phantasmal Fragments, or you can just pay Eris for them in exchange for Helium Filaments.

The Garden of Salvation raid puzzles will be accessible once you have finished this section.

Garden Of Salvation Raid Puzzles

how to get divinity in Destiny 2

These raid puzzles demand perseverance, commitment, and cooperation. You’ll need the assistance of five other friends to finish them. The raid consists of seven tasks, all of which must be solved in one raid attempt.

You’ll be on a cliff when you first spawn in the raid.

If you want to get to a cave below, just jump out of it. Enter it and interact with the node there; this will spawn you in blocks and return you to the beginning. Before the first confrontation, proceed through the raid until you get to a large flight of stairs with two curved walls on either side.

1. Puzzle One

Solve the puzzles for how to get divinity. Behind the curved walls, there are two hidden rooms. Go to the top of one of the curved walls to position yourself on a particular side of the space. For this, six players are required, with the left side serving as the start and the right side as the end.

In the left room, three players must stand. One of them must stand directly next to the node, and the other two must maintain their distance and face the window adjacent to the stairs.

The three other players are in the appropriate room, standing similarly. Electricity is chained from player to player by the player closest to the node activating it. The electricity will chain to the end if everyone is correctly spaced apart, at which point you will see a notification indicating a completion message. Move to the next puzzle for how to get divinity answer.

2. Puzzle Two

Following the initial confrontation, you will move toward the second puzzle. As you reach a pink tree, continue walking along the right side of the flowery area. There will be a cave adjacent to it that you must crawl inside. After you’ve entered, your job will be to place players in various locations along the curving path.

Position yourself at the areas along the cave that have circular holes in them. The last player should exit the cave and stay to the left, eventually making it to the tether box once every space has been filled.

Activate it to remove the forcefield surrounding each player, allowing them to all exit the cave. How To get divinity quest is near completion at this step.

3. Puzzle Three

Enter the area of the raid that features underground tree platforms. When you spot a branch coming out of the ceiling, look underneath it. There should be a tether box there, along with a sizable shootable pod. Players must split up to connect electricity through each of the six nodes that are present around the branch, to solve the puzzle.

4. Puzzle Four

After the third confrontation, on the west side of the small platforming gap, you’ll uncover the fourth puzzle.

To continue, you must light up the additional six nodes that will be created when you activate the box there.

Making a circle around the central pillar before beginning the chain is important because breaking the line of sight resets the puzzle. Just heading toward the next puzzle for how to get divinity quest.

5. Puzzle Five

Pick up the tether connection for the sixth puzzle from the same box. Once you enter the corridor, move to the left, then to the right, making sure that your entire squad is linked together. Bomber Vex will kill you, so be ready for them or prepare yourself by obtaining the hourglass form required from the red diamonds beforehand.

6. Puzzle Six

Go into the tunnel between the waterfalls once you are in the area with them. Leave the diamonds on the ground alone and utilize the box to attach your team to the object higher up and further inside the cave.

7. Puzzle Seven

Here is the last puzzle to solve in how to get divinity quest. You must line up in the order that you are chained together for the final puzzle. Six bright plates will be visible on the ground.

To create a line resembling the carvings on the ground, join all the players together and have them each stand on one plate.

The bright lights will then broadcast seven formations for you and your squad to rapidly imitate. The ground will start to tremble once you have accurately copied all seven.

Last Fight

You still have to finish the raid after solving the puzzles. All that’s left to do is proceed to the raid’s last fight and take it out. When you’re finished, go inside the reward area where you can use your Enhanced Decryption Core to claim your Divinity from the chest to the right.

Final Words

Here is everything you need to know about how to get divinity weapon in the Destiny 2 game.  You should now possess Divinity as the Divine Fragmentation quest is now complete. For players who might find it difficult to assemble a complete raid team, the journey to Divinity in Destiny 2 is lengthy and difficult. The effort required to plan a raid run, however, is well worth it for this gun.

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