A Way Out Cross Platform Explained


With how common online gaming has become, it’s no surprise that there’s something for everyone on the market. However, A Way Out quickly took the world by a storm because it’s not every day that you see a story-based game require two players for completion.

The game found great success within those who like a good adventure with believable performances and a human story. And although it can be played locally between two friends, it has competent online capabilities that allow you pair up with your friends around the world.

Naturally, when the topic of playing a game online comes up in 2022, everyone has one question above all. Is A Way Out cross-platform? Does it have seamless cross-play on every console and the PC platform?

Let’s dig deeper into the topic and answer this question for good!

Cross-Platform Multiplayer Explained

If you don’t know what crossplay means, don’t worry even for a second! Let’s take a moment to go over what it means.

Cross-play is a feature that is simple to explain. For a very long time, gamers were only able to play the same game with their friends if they were on the exact platform. To give an example, someone on a PlayStation 3 could not play online with someone on an Xbox 360.

Fortunately, that has started to change and many video games offer cross-platform multiplayer as of 2022. So, if you’re on a PlayStation 4 but your friend is playing on a PC – both of you will be able to enjoy the game on the different types of hardware as long as the game features crossplay.

So, in theory, if the answer to is A Way Out cross-platform is yes, then anyone can play the game with their friends no matter what their platform is.


Is A Way Out Crossplay?

So, is A Way Out cross-platform? The answer is unfortunately no. Unlike some other games that are not entirely crossplay with every platform but still offer some convenience – A Way Out is an entirely isolated game.

If you’re on a PlayStation 4, you cannot play with someone on an Xbox One. If you’re on a PC, you cannot play with someone on any console either. You can only play with people who are on the same machine as you.

The game has been out for a while now, so there are no plans for that feature for the near future either.

Is A Way Out PC Crossplay?

Sometimes, PC games are often locked between the different digital storefronts that they’re available on. For example, if you purchase a game on Steam, you cannot play it online with those who are playing the game on the Epic Games Store. This example works back and forth between any publishing client.

So, is A Way Out Cross-Platform on PC? The answer is yes. A Way Out has crossplay on the PC port, and that is due to the fact that every version of it uses the EA Origins client to run.

So, whether you play A Way Out on the Xbox Game Pass or Steam – it will automatically run the Origins client and let players enjoy the game with each other regardless of what storefront it was originally purchased on.

Is A Way Out Crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One?

A Way Out does not have cross-platform multiplayer between the PS4 and Xbox One. Just like the fact that it does not have any crossplay between the PC and any of the consoles.

Why is A Way Out Not Crossplay?

It takes a lot of time and effort to implement crossplay between different platforms. And some companies require a fee to be paid for the feature too.

So, it’s usually just not worth the time and effort for developers to integrate this feature. It makes sense for games like Call of Duty to have this feature – but it’s too much of a hassle for games of a smaller scale.

Will A Way Out Get Crossplay In The Future?

The developers of A Way Out, Hazelight Studios, currently have no plans to add cross-platform multiplayer to the game.

They have gone on to release another hit called It Takes Two and are already working on their next game. A Way Out does not have any planned updates going forward as it’s one of their older projects.

So, the answer to everything is no. A Way Out does not have cross-platform multiplayer and it won’t get it anytime in the future either. Only a remaster or remake of some kind in the future could introduce such a feature going forward.

One way or another, however, if there are any changes to this in the future – we will update this guide with that information. For now, this is everything that you need to know about whether A Way Out has crossplay or not.

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