How to Save Cars in GTA 5? [2022]


GTA 5 is all about killing, chasing, and expensive cars. But the question that arises here is “how to save cars in GTA 5?” because there is always a chance of your vehicle de-spawning. Or worse, other players might steal it, or the cops might destroy your car along with other vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto V features a total of 348 vehicles in the game, which a player can operate by buying or stealing. Talking about owning cars, in story mode, you can have a grand total of 18 cars, which you can store in the garages of each character. However, in online mode, you can own up to 50 cars, which is pretty great.

The moment players start playing GTA 5, they start stealing expensive cars to fill their garages. Players also buy them and get insurance to keep them legally. But one thing players are confused about is where they can save their cars in GTA 5.

The car storage needs more time and the space should be safe to avoid any loss afterward. That’s why the game features vehicle garages, which players can use to store their cars safely in GTA 5. Before talking about “How to save cars in GTA5?” here is some detailed information about the different types of vehicle garages you can get access to in the game.

Vehicle Garages: How to Store Vehicles, Safehouses, Helipads, Boats, Hangars

GTA 5 includes a ton of vehicles that players can acquire, just like the previous games in the franchise. However, players must save their beloved vehicles, and this GTA 5 Vehicle Garages Guide will help you discover all of the garage locations for all of the vehicles in GTA 5 online.

We’ll go over all of the garage places and how to save your vehicle in GTA 5 in order to preserve it. Rockstar has given each of the main characters some storage facilities such as helipads, garages, and hangars that can preserve that comet you’ve had with you for five missions or that tank you managed to get away from the army during your last 5-star rampage.

Garages To Save Cars In GTA 5

Garages in the GTA 5 are used to store stolen or purchased cars. A car must be parked in the garage to be stored in the garage. Once it has been placed in the garage, it will be secured to that player’s garage. Each of the three major protagonists will have its collection of automobiles.

Trevor has two safehouses, and hence two garages, by default. Michael only has one garage and one safe house. Franklin features two garages and two safe houses. Each character has their own four-car garage in addition to their safehouse garage.


You must land a helicopter on a helipad you own and save it there for a short time to preserve it. The chopper will be preserved at that character’s helipad and displayed in the library after a period.

Only Trevor has a helipad in his Sandy Shore hangar by default. At Vespucci, Michael and Franklin can each buy a helipad for $419,850.

Marina Slips To Save Boats In GTA 5

Yachts are a little different, in that they must be kept at a marina slip. Because none of the characters come with a marina slip by default, you’ll have to purchase one for each of them for $75,000 at Puerto Del Sol.

At the slip, all three main players will have their very own boat library. The Dinka Marquis, Nagasaki Dinghy, Police Predator, and Shitzu Jetmax are some of the best and most expensive boats in GTA 5. So, make sure you know how you can save your boats in the game to keep them from being stolen.


Hangars are used to park planes that have been acquired or stolen. A vehicle must be parked and taxied into a hangar before it can be saved. It will be stored in that protagonist’s hangar once it has been parked. Each of the three main protagonists will have its own collection of planes.

Trevor owns a hangar at Sandy Shores by default. Both Michael and Franklin can buy hangars for $1,378,000 each at Los Santos International Airport. These hangars can also be used to house tanks. Hangar 18 will be assigned to Michael, while Hangar 19 will be assigned to Franklin.

The default safehouse garages and acquired vehicle storage properties in GTA 5 are used to store player vehicles.

Safehouse Garages in GTA 5Vehicle Storage Properties in GTA 5
Players must first purchase a Garage before they may use it.Any vehicles that are transported into the Garage will be stored in the usual manner. They will also be fitted with a Tracker. A car with a tracker will appear as a vehicle icon on the map, allowing you to track it down and return your property if it is stolen.Any extra automobiles purchased or driven in after your garage is full will urge you to choose which of your pre-stored cars to replace.Unit 124 Popular St is the cheapest garage available for $25,000. When you are able to upgrade, the newer garage will take the place of the old one, and you will receive partial reimbursement for the old garage.With the Executives and Other Criminals DLC, you can now own up to five properties, which means you can own up to 50 cars and 15 bikes, as well as Yachts, new Stilt houses in Vinewood Hills, and Penthouses, all of which can be personalized. With the Finance and Felony DLC, they added the ability to purchase offices, as well as warehouses.The Online Properties work in much the same way as the ones in the main game. It will cost a lot of money to buy new, more elaborate ones, so gamers should plan on robbing a lot of stores and accomplishing a lot of missions.Because properties can be expensive initially, make sure to put up as many stores as financially viable.

How to Save Cars in GTA 5 From Being Stolen or Destroyed?

That’s right, if you’re afraid of trolls destroying your automobile or the Los Santos Police Department seizing and imprisoning it, you can just use your interaction menu to avoid the hassle.

Every player now can return their vehicle to the storage if they go to the interaction menu and scroll down to vehicles.

You can use the simple option to save yourself a hassle regardless of how far away you are from your car or if someone has picked it up for a pleasure ride, as long as it isn’t fully ruined or impounded.

  • On Xbox, press the back button to access the interactions menu. Click “touchpad” on PS and key on PC. 
  • Scroll down to the Vehicle section.
  • Select ‘Return personal vehicle to storage’ from the drop-down menu.
  • In a few minutes, your automobile will be on its way to the safety of your garage.

Additionally, you can establish preferences for the personal vehicles you want to summon from your garage. This is useful because you can save time by not having to call the technician or Merryweather.

So, the next time you’re out and about in Los Santos and are concerned about bringing your vehicle home safely, remember to use the interactions menu to quickly return it.

Instructions on “How To Save Cars In GTA 5?”

  • GTA 5’s offline mode allows you to save cars indefinitely. You park the car in your character’s garage. However, only two automobiles can fit in there most of the time.
  • More garage facilities in Los Santos can be found on the map. There’s a little more room here for more vehicles. The last 3 handled autos are also capable of picking you up at the towing location.
  • In the online mode, everything works the same way: you can park your cars in each character’s garage. There is no going back if the car is broken or stolen.
  • If you want to save money on a car for a longer period, you can only do so online with the help of a tracker or insurance. The tracker is accessible in the shop, and you can complete the fully comprehensive coverage via insurance in your own garage.
  • In case your car gets destroyed you will receive compensation from the polluter. In this scenario, simply call Mors Mutual Insurance (MMI) on your smartphone.

People Also Ask

Can you steal fighter jets in Grand Theft Auto V?

To begin with, take a plane or a helicopter to the southern side of Fort Zancudo. If you don’t get the jet airborne until you’re close to the Fort Zancudo limit, the air defense will shoot it down with missiles; then you can fly up and enjoy!

Should you invest in GTA 5 real estate?

While making money in GTA V is difficult, investing in GTA V real estate or GTA V property is worthwhile. If you’re willing to put in the effort, investing in real estate is a far more reliable source of income than most other risky ventures.

How to save cars in GTA 5 (stolen or purchased)?

Garages are used to retain cars that have been acquired or stolen. A vehicle must be placed in the garage to be saved in the garage. It will be stored in that protagonist’s garage once it has been placed in the garage. Each of the three major protagonists will have his or her own collection of automobiles.

How to buy a house or safe house in GTA 5?

In Single Player, you can purchase homes by using the pause menu map to locate them, then heading up to the real estate sign there next to them. On the map, look for icons that resemble a home with a dollar sign inside. By design, the Dynasty 8 webpage does not support Story Mode.

Is it possible to own a car without a garage in GTA 5?

You’ll need a garage to park your new vehicle to finalize the purchase, so if you don’t already have one, buy a house in GTA Online. You may also obtain full coverage insurance here, which entitles you to a free replacement car if yours is ever damaged.

How to purchase a garage in GTA 5?

  • Go to your residence using your phone or laptop.
  • Go to the website of Dynasty 8 Real Estate.
  • Choose a garage that appeals to you.
  • Press the Buy button to complete your transaction.

How to save cars in GTA 5 in story mode?

You can save the car by parking it in any of the leading characters’ garages that you’ve acquired for $10,000 or the garage at one of the main character’s safehouses.

How to save cars in GTA 5 in online mode?

  • Open the “Interactions Menu”
  • Find the “vehicles” option by scrolling down.
  • Select the option to “Return personal vehicle to storage.”
  • After a few seconds, your car will be in your garage.

How to save cars in GTA 5 permanently?

Next to their safehouses, each character gets their own garage, which may hold one or two cars. Simply park it inside to save it. It’ll be saved there if you park it back there after you’ve used it.

How many garages can you own in GTA 5?

There are three garages available for each of the three players in the game. You will only be able to see one garage with each player you will be playing with.

Can I buy multiple garages to save cars in GTA 5?

Yes, albeit it isn’t as straightforward as simply placing it on the market. Based on what players have unlocked, they can have many pieces of property at once, including homes, garages, clubs, shops, and warehouses, and selling property is frequently about exchanging buildings.

Bottom Line

Garages are mostly used to store different cars, even stolen ones, to keep them safe. It would be fantastic for the players if they stored any cars in their garage because that way the car would appear to be theirs. If you have a safe space to store your automobiles, you won’t have to worry about them being stolen. And garages in and out of the safe houses are the safest places to save cars in GTA 5.

We hope by reviewing the above information, you’ll be able to understand the many aspects of where and how to save your cars in GTA 5. Following the above mentioned facts, you will also know how to keep your stolen automobiles safe from the cops. You must be vigilant while parking the automobile in the garage in order to avoid being detected.

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