How To Get 5 Stars in GTA 5?


How to get 5 stars in GTA 5? This is the question asked by almost every GTA player out there. The “5 Star Wanted Level” badge in GTA 5 is the most popular game badge nowadays. GTA players have to face the police attacks, fight off the army tanks, and enter the most restricted zones in GTA to get this 5-Stars wanted level.

When Rockstar Games launched GTA, it was a dream come true for those who love playing and living a thug life of a real gangster in games. And with each level and upgrade, every new feature and level just enhances the game’s appeal. So this, one of the world’s best open-world games ever, released the latest title GTA 5, boasts plenty of activities for players who love the police chase.

Getting 5 stars in GTA 5 indicates a player’s skill, how good the player is in police chase. And where they stand in crime level. In GTA, with each level rise, the player’s crime increases, and they become more notorious due to their crimes. This level 5 wanted level is not like previous GTA titles. In GTA 5, you will be chased by multiple police and military vehicles and sometimes noose vehicles too.

The best part is that the police are more intelligent and can use different tactics and approaches for hunting down the criminal, you! Hence, if you are also one of those gangster-thug-life fans and want to know how to achieve the 5 stars wanted level, you are at the right place. Here, we will tell you how to get 5 stars in GTA 5 and unlock the most challenging and deadliest gangster-police chase ever.

How To Get 5 Star In GTA 5 Without Cheat Codes?

By the time you will gain all 4 stars and enter the 5 stars, you will be under the radar of almost every police and military personnel in the GTA city. The roadways will now be clogged with police officers and feature almost no civilian traffic. At five stars GTA level, an endless amount of police and soldiers’ units will pursue the player, along with up to three Police Mavericks.

Albeit only two will be activated at any given moment. Various police cars and NOOSE vehicles will be on the lookout for the player, setting up multiple roadblocks at once. Police or the military will not try a vehicular arrest unless the player has stopped their vehicle after a one-minute pursuit without injuring any cops or soldiers.

A much higher percentage of NOOSE subunits will be involved compared to four stars. Normal police officers, unlike those in Grand Theft Auto IV, will not engage in drive-by gunshots during a pursuit; only NOOSE police officers will try to attack the player while driving, shooting continuously from their Grangers.

Crimes You Need To Commit To Get 5 Stars in GTA 5

You may have to commit different crimes to achieve the wanted level badge. The list includes:

  • Killing as many civilians and pedestrians as possible.
  • Murdering a higher percentage of military and police personnel.
  • Breaking a great deal of law enforcement and continue retaliate laws all the time.
  • Destroying vehicles, including helicopters, boats, bikes, cars, police vehicles, military equipment, etc. Some special vehicles that can increase your chances of getting 5 stars in GTA 5 include police transporter, police cruisers, police predator, police riot, FIB granger, sheriff cruiser, barracks, crusaders, and Rhino in Fort Zancudo.

Aside from these basic crimes, other ways can also help you land in the 5 stars wanted level in GTA 5. For example;

  • When committing a crime in the bank, you can quickly kick-start a 5-star level by exiting the bank from the exit side.
  • Moreover, shooting with police in which Trevor is taking cover and Brad & Michael already shot may also result in 5 stars wanted level crime.
  • Another evident approach to trigger a 5-star level in GTA 5 is shifting to Franklin or Michael after successfully escaping with Trevor. The chosen driver in this scenario will kick-start the Level 5 wanted level.
  • Robbing the Blaine County Savings Bank located in Paleto Bay will get you 5 stars wanted level in GTA 5.
  • If you succeed in loading up gold in the four Gauntlets, you will immediately get the 5 stars.

All these approaches can help you get the 5 stars in GTA 5. However, keep in mind that all these approaches might take a lot of time to complete all the challenges and fight off the police, noose, and military personnel. Also, in some scenarios, your player might die resetting the wanted level to square one. In this case, you will have to do all the fighting, killing, and escaping again to get 5 stars wanted level.

The best approach to take to trigger level 5 without using cheat codes is by

  • Finding a small alley to hide from the helicopters and other aircraft. Hiding from the air-search will help you increase the lifeline. You can use heavy ammo and pump shotguns to kill as many police and military personnel as possible. Aside from the alley, you can also shift into Franklin and use the same approach by hiding in your garage.
  • The second approach to trigger the 5-star level is blocking the roadways and causing traffic jams. And then throwing grenades in to kill a lot of civilians and police officers at the same time.

How To Get 5 Stars in GTA 5 Quickly?

If you think you can take some bold steps in Grand Theft Auto 5 to get the 5 stars wanted level, then this quick approach is for you. But unfortunately, it is highly difficult, and you might get killed even before starting your mission.

Breaking into the Fort Zancudo and stealing the famous LaserJet of GTA 5 will help you immediately get the notorious 5 stars wanted level rating. But, of course, entering Fort Zancudo will include a lot of chaos, killing, shooting, and clever planning.

Fort Zancudo is the only military base in Grand Theft Auto 5 and is highly packed with militants ensuring tight security of the area. The p-996 LaserJet is hidden in this military base and other military equipment like the famous Rhino Tank.

But do not think of it as an easy task. Once spotted, you will shoot on sight. And even after you got succeeded in sneaking into the base and stealing the jet, the heavy rain of bullets, grenades, Heat-seeking missiles, and other deadliest attacks will be waiting for you the moment you miscalculated any step.

How To Get 5 Stars in GTA 5 Using Cheat Codes?

GTA 5 cheat codes is another method players use to get the 5 stars wanted level. The GTA 5 cheat codes work offline and can’t be used online. Using these cheat codes, players make the difficult missions easy. For example, they can kill police officers as much as they want for five straight minutes until their level rises to 5 stars in the God Mode Cheat Code.

Following code comes in the category of God Mode Cheat Code to get 5 stars in GTA 5:

  • Xbox 360/ Xbox One: RIGHT, A, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RB, RIGHT, LEFT, A, Y

You have to use each for 5 min to increase your stars. Or there are cheat codes that players can use multiple times to gain the 5 stars wanted level. For example, the codes mentioned below, upon using 5 times each, will give you the 5 stars wanted level in GTA 5.

  • PS3/ PS4: R1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
  • PC: FUGITIVE (Enter the command box)
  • Xbox 360/ Xbox One: RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right

A glitch has also been discovered to acquire a 5 star level instantly. First, you must receive a hooker and return her to your garage. Now drive out while waiting for the hooker to jump in the front of your car. Make sure you’ve got the acceleration button pressed to avoid running over the hooker. You will receive a 5 star desired level when you exit your garage.

What Happens After You Get The 5 Stars in GTA 5?

Reaching at 5 stars wanted level might seem easy to many players but staying and maintaining that level is quite hard. The moment you get the 5 stars in GTA 5, the streets will fill with deadly cops and military personnel. Who are determined to find you in any way possible.

You will face extremely dangerous cops who will be highly equipped with the deadliest weapons. In addition, there will be continuous air-search going on for you. This means you will have to stay low-key while still playing the games and completing missions.

The things get spiced up when the military turns up with the tanks all around and almost no civilians in sight. It will be just three players against a colossal mass of police officers and militants. For players who find adventurous and police-criminal chase games interesting, the GTA 5 upgrade is the perfect fit for them.

The last mission in GTA 5 you will need to complete to get done with the 5 stars wanted level and move on to the next is incredibly challenging. In GTA V 5 Star’s last mission, the player is turned into Franklin, and Devin Weston gives him three options. Choosing any one of these options will immediately start the last mission. These three options are:

  1. Kill Trevor
  2. Kill Michael
  3. Deathwish

Each option has its particular ending. The most popular and best option is “Deathwish,” in which all three players survive. But you can choose whichever option want according to your choice.

3 and 4  Stars Wanted Levels In GTA 5 & How You Can Get Them?

Now you have profound knowledge of how to get 5 stars in GTA 5. Let’s have a look at all wanted levels in GTA 5 and the missions you have to complete to complete these levels:

Missions and ChallengesLevel 3 StarLevel 4 Star
PedestriansWhile at two stars, continuing to kill people or other gamers.While at three stars, continuing to kill people or other players.
Police OfficersRunning over a police officer, a guard, or a soldier and murdering them.Using fists, melee weapons, or guns to kill a police enforcement officer or soldier.Breaking and entering behind the information booth, up the stairwell, or onto the roof of the Mission Row police station.Inside Mission Row, either standing behind or utilizing the cop’s computer on the police counter.During a police shooting, shooting a criminal.In the vicinity of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, shooting a firearm.Retaliating against law enforcement is still going on.Taking down a chasing Maverick copWithin Bolingbroke Penitentiary, attacking or killing a jail guard.
VehiclesAfter receiving two stars, destroying a second uninhabited aircraft.Several vehicles are being destroyed at the same time, and/or civilian traffic is being blown up (at least three stars; the Wanted Level will raise in case of excessive destruction).After receiving three stars, destroy a fourth unoccupied aircraft.After receiving the third star, continue to cause traffic congestion.
Miscellaneous CrimesAs Trevor, trespassing the runways at Los Santos International AirportTrespassing in restricted locations is a serious offense (such as Fort Zancudo).In a row, robbing at least four stores while killing the owner.

Final Thoughts 

Grand Theft Auto V, the long-awaited successor to GTA IV, swept the globe by storm in 2013, selling a staggering 110 million copies across the world, making it one of the best-selling games of all time. However, the interaction between the police and the players remains the same in every edition: don’t get caught.

And each update gains more popularity making it the most loved game of all time. The case was the same with GTA 5, and people started searching for guides to complete missions to gain stars. The most common question among those queries was “how to get 5 stars in GTA 5?” because everyone was looking for ways to become the deadliest gangster of the game.

In prior iterations, players should note that army tanks would begin pursuing you for even the most blatant offenses, making escape extremely difficult. Tanks won’t be chasing you in this installment, for the most part. But, of course, that doesn’t make the thought of getting five stars any less exciting.

There are numerous ways to attract the attention of cops, ranging from colliding with their vehicles to “accidentally” running over civilians. So, have fun and take your time completing all challenges to get the 5 stars in GTA 5.

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