Best Story Games on PS4


The best PlayStation 4 games range from contemplative, surreal perceptions to action-packed epics. Whether you want engaging single-player adventures, chaotic multiplayer matches, or engaging, collaborative experiences, the PS4 has a game for you. Of course, it’s easy to understand why.. The PlayStation 4 has been available for seven years, during which time it has amassed a library of thousands of games. Furthermore, because Sony has led the way in exclusive titles, the PS4 is the only method for playing new classics such as God of War (2018), Spider-Man, and Bloodborne.

The 9 Best Story PS4 Games

Without further ado, read on to discover all of the best PS4 games, each of which has been rigorously examined and evaluated by the expert team, so you know you’re getting real-world advice.

God of War Ragnarok

We gave God of War Ragnarök 5 stars, trying to cement it as one of the best PS4 games available. It retains the original God of War’s ultra-satisfying combat but delves much greater depth into Norse mythology, giving the players direct exposure to all nine realms for the first time.

Thor and Odin, the game’s main antagonists, were fantastic. Each has a distinct personality and adds a lot of finer details to the series, especially when compared to the first game’s hot-headed Balur. The plot is fantastic, fleshing out Kratos and Atreus even further and allowing players to play as Kratos’ sons, allowing for more understanding and sympathy for their dynamic.



  • An epic tale with a deeper exploration of Norse mythology
  • Combat is still as brutally fun as it was before.
  • The addition of Atreus as a featured player is a welcome one.
  • Looks fantastic on the PS5.


  • Disturbing difficulty spikes
  • There is a lot of backtracking in the game’s latter half.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange expertly depicts a high school adolescent’s life, capturing all the good and bad emotions while also adding a supernatural twist. The main character and her problems are relatable, the side characters are intriguing, and the plotlines are shocking. The story as a whole is very entertaining, keeping you on the edge of your seat for the majority of the time.

True Colors has kept a lot of people more deeply invested than any other Life is Strange story since the original was released in 2015. While each game in this adventure series is enjoyable in its own right, this one (from developer Deck Nine rather than the series’ creators at Dontnod) addresses many of the issues that have plagued the previous three games. It is the best in the series because of consistent writing for both primary and side characters, a convincing mystery story with good pacing, useful supernatural abilities, and, perhaps most importantly, discussion choices that offer more depth and complexity with big and small decisions that actually impact the story in meaningful ways over the course of five chapters.



  • With a twist on choice-based gameplay
  • An excellent experience
  • Wonderful story.


  • There aren’t many options.
  • Some audio synchronization issues

Assassin Creed Valhalla

The game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s long-running action/stealth series, and it’s yet another winner. This time, you’ll play Eivor, a Viking warrior in medieval England who needs to find a new home for his clan. You’ll travel through various warring kingdoms, assassinate key targets, fight dangerous Saxons, and even take part in Viking rap battles known as “flying.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is still a nice game and a great way to get started with your new console this fall. (However, for those who aren’t quite ready to make the leap, it’s also available on current-gen systems and runs just fine.) The combat system is nuanced and entertaining, the world is full of mysteries worth delving into, and the central story is enjoyable — even if the Assassin’s Creed connection is not readily evident.



  • Powerful combat and character development 
  • A large, lovely open, world 
  • The characters and story are intriguing.


  • Overburdened with busywork
  • Tangential Assassin’s Creed connection 
  • Doesn’t add much to Origins and Odyssey

Devil May Cry 5

Capcom has officially released a sequel worthy of the wait eleven years after Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry 5 is a self-assured, stylish action game that will please long-term fans while also welcoming newcomers. You’ll fight immense, grotesque foes as the supernatural warriors Dante, Nero, and V, using a stunning combination of gunplay, swordplay, and platforming. It can be a tough match to master, but when you do, combat will become a reward in and of itself.

The gameplay is especially enjoyable because as you rack up more combos, the soundtrack changes and becomes more sophisticated to reflect your success. Devil May Cry 5 is a stunning, rewarding experience that is well worth a look if you’ve ever enjoyed the series. If you’re a newcomer, you can catch up with previous titles in the Devil May Cry: HD Collection, which is also available on PS4.



  • Character moments that are satisfying
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Extensive world design
  • Awe-inspiring soundtrack


  • One mission is too short 
  • V’s gameplay needs improvement

Elden Ring

FromSoftware is well-known for its brutally penalizing Dark Souls series, and its most recent release completely blew us away. Elden Ring abandoned Dark Souls’ linear levels in favor of an extraordinarily expansive map that makes the game feel more complete, akin to Breath of the Wild and Skyrim.

You have the option of creeping through optional dungeons in search of more treasure or slaying monsters for experience points. The game’s difficulty may turn some people off, but we found it to be one of the most satisfactory games to master and a must-play for RPG fans.

There are also numerous playstyles to experiment with, such as sneaking through bushes for an extremely high backstab or using magic to blast your enemies from afar. With so much world to explore and so many ways to defeat your opponents, this is an immensely useful game that’s full of personality.



  • There is a massive open globe to explore, brimming with things to discover.
  • Combat is both rewarding and punishing.
  • More content than the majority of players will ever require
  • Open-class development tree that is ready for modification


  • Some battles are extremely difficult.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt tells a lengthy and complex story about the central protagonist, Geralt, and his long journey to find his adopted daughter, Ciri, who is on the run from Wild Hunt’s evil, supernatural warlords. The game has you targetted leads on Ciri’s whereabouts, meeting up with old friends, former lovers, powerful politicians, and people from all walks of life. These characters usually want something in exchange for providing Geralt with the information he seeks, which leads you down some unusual and eye-opening paths as you gain knowledge further about the people they are, how they met Ciri, and how she helped them grow as people, allowing you to form a bond with her through these thought-provoking tales.

The world of The Witcher 3 is approximately 52 square miles in size, which is 3.5 times greater than Skyrim and 1.5 times bigger than Grand Theft Auto V. Because of the sheer size, you believe like you’re in the real world rather than a box.



  • Choices are important.
  • There are numerous random side quests.
  • Story Immersion
  • Fantastic open world
  • Careful consideration in almost every aspect of the game 
  • Your choices have morally ambiguous consequences and multiple endings.
  • The soundtrack is well-crafted and useful in almost all situations.


  • The combat system is inadequate.
  • Story quests can be tedious.
  • Some main story segments are far too long
  • Combat can be difficult to master.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is definitely one of the best submissions in the franchise, with HDR graphics that allow users to see the gooey and disgusting beasts in great detail.

You play as Ethan Winters and must navigate Bram Stoker-style environments filled with skulking werewolves and evil vampires hiding in gothic towers. Because there is less emphasis on stealth in this title, you are free to hack and slash through the world and confront your enemies head-on with a variety of weapons to choose from.

Even if you’re not a big Resident Evil supporter, this is a wonderful horror game with a creepy and compelling story that anyone, veteran or novice, can understand. If you just have one horror game on your PS4, we believe this should be it.



  • The setting is creepy and full of atmosphere.
  • New survival mechanics that are entertaining
  • Fans will appreciate the Mercenaries mode.


  • Not as frightening as Resi 7
  • The campaign is somewhat brief.

Two Point Campus

Anyone who enjoys The Sims or management simulation models, in general, should check out Two Point Campus; you are given the task of having to run a university and ensuring the happiness of your students and staff, with a large portion of the game devoted to customizing your campus to meet everyone’s needs.

 Reviewers praise the game’s quirky visuals and engaging audio for creating a one-of-a-kind experience. You can check in with your staff to ensure that all of the facilities are in good working order, and you can host parties in the Student Lounge to let your students unwind.

There is constantly something to do on Two Point Campus for students of all shapes and sizes, from those studying cooking to those attending Knight school. If you’re looking for a simple but interactive game that you can play for hours, this is the game for you.



  • A wide range of courses and personalities
  • Several hours of gameplay Excellent and distinct art style
  • Simple controls facilitate the design.


  • Occasional technical difficulties

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us is a story about damage, family, and protecting those you care about. It’s packed with sad sights and touching moments from beginning to end, so you’re in for a ride. It also addresses the harsh realities of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. Kindness will get you nowhere, and only the cold-hearted will survive. Even if you make the right decision, you will have regrets that will stay with you and change you. At the end of the day, everyone is just trying to make the best of a terrible spot. That makes you wonder how far you’d go to survive and how long you’d remain your old self. Characters with whom you can identify make the story much more enjoyable.

This game’s crafting system is very simple: you gather scraps and merge them to make items. Weapons such as the Molotov cocktail and the nail bomb can also be made. Both weapons are capable of instantly dispatching the majority of enemies. It’s interesting to see such an approachable and practical crafting system.

A Review has been stated as:

I’ve never played a game like this before. I laughed, cried, smiled, and even jumped while playing this game. This game really managed to touch all of my emotions, and the overall story is fantastic. This is my favorite of all the story games I’ve played. If you want an intense action game with emotional scenes, a little bit of horror, and a little bit of humor, this is the game for you.



  • An emotional story with relatable characters Includes all of the DLC
  • A simple but effective crafting system
  • The journey is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack.


  • Minor graphical flaws
  • Texture pop-ins and characters shortly disappearing are common occurrences. It’s not game-breaking, but it could detract from your immersion.


With the most frequently asked question, “How do you choose the best PS4 games for you?” we’ll conclude here that there is no special method for selecting the best PS4 games. It all comes down to which genres you prefer. Many of these games are action/adventure in nature, such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, and Spider-Man. Many of these games are open-world in nature, while others are more linear. In any case, if you buy a first-party third-person game, you’re almost certain to get something good.

Aside from that, there are no foolproof methods or special tricks. Find a game that interests you, read its synopsis, read some reviews, and see if you can get a good deal. Because newer games are more expensive than older ones, you can easily build your library by focusing on older titles if you haven’t played many of these games before. You could also buy long games that will last you a long time before you need to move on. Open-world games tend to be longer than sequential games.

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