Darkness In The Light Destiny 2 Complete Guide 


Darkness in the Light  Destiny 2 quest is one of the most popular missions in the game, not only because of the fantastic rewards but also because it is a lot of fun to play. Destiny 2’s allure stems from players’ vast scope of exploration. Bungie’s developers crammed it with various objectives that reward you in various ways. Exotic quest possibilities are among them, allowing you to gain more weapons with specific powers and benefits. Completing these tasks, on the other hand, is not always straightforward because they frequently include several questlines.

Today, this guide will tell you all about the darkness in the light Destiny 2 game quest. So, continue reading to find out every minor detail. 

What are exotic weapons in the Destiny 2 game?

The most sought-after items in Destiny 2 are exotics. They are hard to come by, have amazing aesthetics, and come with unique benefits that can completely transform your gameplay. You can even use these weapons against conventional adversaries, with no effect on the game’s overall progression. When used in conjunction with a well-thought-out strategy, though, they can provide you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Which weapons in Destiny 2 are the most popular?

  • The Deathbringer is one of our favorite weapons from Destiny 2. It is a void rocket launcher with a 5 RPM that can only be obtained after completing a difficult task.
  •  Then there is the Lament, a powerful sun sword that requires an 11-step quest to get.
  • The Cloudstrike (seen above), an arc sniper weapon with a perk that grants an electrifying chain of lightning on precision kills, will attract to sniper lovers.

What is Malfeasance?

The Malfeasance exotic hand cannon is an exotic weapon, just like the others mentioned above. It is the last prize for completing the Darkness in the Light side quest in Destiny 2. The hand cannon Malfeasance is found in Destiny 2’s kinetic section. Malfeasance is a Kinetic damage-dealing Exotic hand cannon. It is prized for a feature called Explosive Shadow, which fires tainted slugs that bury themselves in your foes and detonate if you stack enough of them. That is one messed-up ending for someone you do not care for. The weapon is extremely steady and has a rate of fire of 180 rounds per minute. We are not complaining about the explosive rounds because it does not have the largest magazine.

Darkness in the Light quest destiny 2

In Destiny 2, there is always a slew of side tasks to accomplish in order to earn various rewards. Exotic side quests are among the most popular quests to do. Exotic side quests with varying degrees of difficulty are available in Destiny 2. Each task will undoubtedly benefit you in some way. Darkness in the Light is one of the exotic side quests that will provide you with a unique reward. You might need to finish this side quest if you want to earn the reward. You will receive a specific reward if you successfully finish the mission.

Also, you will receive the exotic weapon Malfeasance as a reward for completing this side quest. This rare hand cannon is regarded as one of the game’s best. 

How to complete the Darkness in the Light quest?

You must talk with the Drifter to accomplish the Darkness in the Light D2 quest, but only after you have completed the Seething Heart quest. The latter can be obtained by defeating ‘Meatball,’ one of the gambit bosses that appears at random throughout the game. If you can, join forces with a strong group.

Within the Tower, The Drifter is a mystery individual who works as a vendor. Gambit is the host and a renegade Guardian. You should have received a new questline once you have spoken to him. This isn’t, however, a sequential story. It begins with Seething Heart and is divided into multiple sections. So, if you are into hand cannons, have a look at the steps to see how you may finish the task.

So, what are the steps to completing the Darkness in the Light quest? Let us have a look at our article to learn more about this.

Steps to complete the Darkness in the Light Destiny 2 Quest

The steps are written in order, and reading them will help you accomplish the quest more quickly. We will go through each step in further depth after we have explained them all.

  • The seething heart: The Drifter must be approached, and the Seething Heart must be given to him.
  • City of secrets: In Dreaming City, beat 25 mini-bosses.
  • The corrupted: Finish the “The Corrupted” strike.
  • Depleted weapon core: Collect the Depleted Weapon Core and speak with the Drifter to get the Depleted Weapon Core.
  •  Business as usual: Play Gambit matches to collect 400 dark motes and win ten games.
  •  Lights out: Kill 25 opponents or 3 invaders with the lights turned off.
  •  Dark Weapon Core: To receive your reward, speak with the Drifter.

The seething heart

The quest begins with this stage. To get into the Gambit, you must fight the Ascendant Primeval Servitor boss. Due to the randomized nature of the Gambit, you may need to play a few games to see how well you do. You will get the Seething Heart if you defeat the boss. To advance to the next mission section, deliver this item to the Drifter.

It is important to remember that you must defeat the Servitor and win the Gambit match. This can be difficult at times, but you will succeed with enough perseverance and luck.

City of secrets

 The Drifter will instruct you to defeat 25 adversaries known as Taken mini-bosses in the Dreaming City. Head over to the Blind Well to speed up the procedure, as it generates additional Taken mini-bosses during the final phase. Rep this process until all 25 opponents have been eliminated. To count the Taken enemy as your kills, you must do the majority of the damage or completely kill them. Keep in mind that no other foes are included in your total.

The corrupted

You will automatically unlock the special strike “The Corrupted” after finishing the previous phase. To begin this quest, you must return to the Dreaming City location. Strikes are difficult to complete and require a skilled team. Make sure you gather your pals or begin the strike with a strong group to ensure a quick conclusion. Callum’s Grave is where you will locate the Depleted Weapon Core during the strike. To complete two steps at the same time, pick it up and finish the strike. Return to the Drifter and hand him the Weapon Core to advance to the next phase when you are finished.

If you enjoy rocket launchers, complete the Shattered Throne dungeon to obtain the Sleepless, one of Destiny 2’s best rocket launchers. It is also appropriate because you are in Dreaming City and utilizing one of its weapons.

Business as usual

Depending on how you play in the Gambit games, this process may take some time. To do so, you must first enter the Gambit and play a number of matches. First and foremost, you must win 10 matches (not necessarily consecutively) and deposit 400 dark motes. If you lose any motes, your overall score will be deducted twice as much.

I recommend gathering a group of Gambit-savvy friends and enlisting their assistance. When a wave ends, deposit any motes you have. This will appear to be a lengthy process, but it will finally pay off. You can deal with approaching adversaries with various fusion weapons or scout rifles if you choose.

Lights out

It is time to return to the Gambit and engage in some exciting PvP combat once more. You can finish this part of the quest in a few different ways. Eliminating 25 Guardians is the first step in completing it. The good news is that you do not have to win the games; all you have to do is get rid of the players. Second, three invading foes can be killed. Finally, during an invasion, you can delegate responsibility to your friends and have them kill four foes. If you choose the teammate option, you must repeat the process three times.

I recommend either enlisting the help of a friend who is proficient in Gambit or taking things slowly and steadily. Because you do not have to win the matches, just finish them; eliminating 25 foes should not take too long.

Dark Weapon core

You will receive an item called “Dark Weapon Core” in your inventory as soon as you accomplish the previous phase – Lights Out. You can obtain the Malfeasance from the Drifter by giving him this item. This explosive hand cannon features a one-of-a-kind passive. When you successfully shoot an enemy 5 times, the bullets inside them explode, dealing massive damage. Low-level opponents can be destroyed, and large bosses can take a lot of damage.

Why is the Malfeasance Weapon so exotic in Destiny 2’s Darkness in the Light Quest?

Malfeasance is what Destiny 2’s Darkness in the Light mission is known for. The player will receive a top explosive cannon gun as a prize for completing the lengthy quest, which will greatly assist him in higher-level assignments. Not only that, but in Player vs. Player modes, the gun cannon can also improve the player’s talents. The Malfeance gun is a massive weapon of destruction that can obliterate low-level foes and overturn bosses while being the game’s most underappreciated weapon.

What is the significance of the side quest Darkness in the Light?

 The Malfeasance exotic hand cannon you get at the end of the Darkness in the Light mission can help you improve your gameplay significantly. It will be useful not only in Crucible PvP scenarios, where your skill and abilities will be put to the test but also in PvE missions like strikes and Nightfalls. Furthermore, the gun can be a valuable companion during higher-level content in dungeons and raids.

How to upgrade Malfeasance?

The following perks can upgrade  Malfeasance:

  1. Shadow’s Explosive

By shooting tainted slugs that burrow into the adversary, you can improve the Malfeasance weapon with Explosive Shadow. Then you must stack enough slugs for them to all detonate.

  1. Rifling Corkscrew

You can boost range, stability, and handling speed by using a balanced barrel.

  1. Extended Mag

Extended Mag, which has a substantially larger magazine size but reloads much slowly, can be used to upgrade Malfeasance. However, it dramatically expands the size of the magazine while also slowing down reloading.

  1. Predator seized

Bonus damage against Taken opponents and Gambit invaders while you play Taken Predator.

  1. Grip Tight

This grip is weighted for recoil management, which improves stability while reducing handling speed.

  1. Disabled tracking

This weapon does not have a tracker.

  1. Crucible Tracker

The Malfeasance weapon Crucible Tracker will keep track of how many Crucible opponents you have defeated with it.

Final thoughts

Due to its rewarding nature, darkness in the Light Destiny 2 is one of the most popular exotic quests in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is an action-packed adventure that will keep your heart racing, especially with the exotic Malfeasance head cannon towards the finale. It is one of the best hand cannons in Destiny 2 Darkness in the Light quest. This will improve your abilities and enable you to take on more challenging assignments. It is an effective PvP and PvE weapon against low-level foes. Although completing the mission takes some time, the result is well worth the effort. It will also get you ready for the second expansion of Destiny.

The game received a boost back in 2019 when it was made accessible as a free-to-play edition. The Beyond Light expansion was released in 2020, and it resulted in the removal of some material that had been available since the game’s launch. The base campaign (The Red War) is included, as well as all content from Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken’s Annual Pass. Bungie has placed all of these pieces in the Destiny Content Vault, which may or may not be unlocked in the future. For the time being, here’s wishing you luck in your search for the weapon you require.

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