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PUBG Zombies Survival Mode [Updated in 2022]


PUBG Labs has a mode called PUBG Zombie Survival. Players work together to defend against swarms of zombies while earning money to improve their zombie-killing arsenal. The additional minigame came with the PUBG 13.1 update. The mode replicates many queues from Call of Duty’s long-running zombie mode on the PUBG training map. 

This is not the first time the PUBG Corporation has turned their battle royale game into a zombie shooter. A previous PUBG Labs focused on surviving waves of undead. Additionally, one team can take on a complete lobby of ghouls in another unique mode. Finally, one squad can take on an entire lobby of ghouls in a different custom mode.

PUBG Zombie Survival Mode

The PUBG zombie survivor mode has a completely new economic factor to contend with. Players gain coins by surviving waves and killing zombies. Players resurrect with only the base amount of money, and guns, gear, and ammunition are all accessible solely from the store. Machine guns, snipers, and shotguns will all have their turn in the spotlight as special zombies come in later rounds. 

The final goal is to endure the onslaught of zombies, which is far from unending. Each wave of zombies lasts three minutes, and your squad will have to survive ten different waves. The army grows in number as the game progresses, although players can revive in between waves. There is a 20-second pause between each wave during which dead comrades resurrect.

 If all zombies are destroyed in each wave, you can clear them in under three minutes. Otherwise, at least one player must be alive at the end of the three-minute time in order to pass the wave. If all members are slain, the game is over, and the players must start over. The PUBG Corporation’s creators have a creative outlet in PUBG Labs. 

The rotating minigame is both a fun extra option and a way to try out prospective battle royale adjustments. PUBG Zombie Survival can be a fun method to prepare for battle royale mode by practicing your aim.

The Last Alive

As you get forward in the game, the difficulty of each wave will rise. Later waves will bring unique zombies, as well as zombies with higher health pools and damage output. To get over the several remaining waves, you will need good teamwork.

 Players can earn Survival Coins by killing zombies in PUBG Zombie Survival, which they can then use to buy PUBG firearms. Each player is equipped with a Desert Eagle, a 60EA.45 ACP, a level 3 backpack, and one frag grenade at the start of the game. Weapons such as the M249 LMG and the S12K shotgun are purchased.

Both first-person and third-person modes are possible, depending on the player’s preferences. Furthermore, this is a squad-only option that disables friendly fire and the ability to revive downed teammates. The only way to bring your friends back into the fight is to complete a wave successfully.

PUBG Zombie survival mode elimination:

One of the most anticipated features of PUBG Mobile is Zombies Mode. It was, however, only available for a limited time, and the creators have already deleted it totally from the game.

A new version of PUBG Zombie Survival

According to the game’s developers, the zombie Survival mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is making a comeback with a new version. Social media posts revealed not only a comeback but also a redesigned version of the game dubbed “Zombie Survival 2.0.” we will certainly learn more about the mode’s new version, as well as more specifics about what is new when the revised mode is explored further. 

The original version of this mode was released last year as part of the PUBG Labs feature, which allowed players to try out new modes. It is a horde-based survival mode in which players must fight their way through waves. While we do not yet know how this new version will relate to the previous one, we do know how the original Zombie Survival mode functioned.

Let’s dive into the details of the game.

Basic match rules

  • With your squad, defeat swarms of zombies and make it to the end of the round.
  • There are 10 stages in PUBG Zombie Survival, each lasting three minutes.
  • To advance to the next stage, complete the following steps: kill all zombies, or At least one player must survive until the stage’s time restriction has expired.
  • Your squad gets a 20-second rest after clearing a stage before going on to the next.
  • In previous stages, the players who died will resurrect and proceed to the next.
  • If your entire squad is eliminated, the game is over.

About Zombies

  • When a stage begins, zombies arrive.
  • Expect more zombies, tougher zombies, and even unique varieties of zombies as you go through the stages.

Zombies tossing Molotov Cocktails, Blue Zone Grenades, Zombies holding grenades in their mouths (can only be destroyed by headshots), and zombies with C4 strapped to their bodies are among the new zombie kinds in PUBG Zombie Survival 2.0.Survival Coins

  • Killing zombies will reward you with Survival Coins.
  • The Survival Coins will be placed in your inventory (can collect up to 999).
  • Survival Coins cannot be dropped.
  • Players are granted the same amount of coins when they resurrected as they were when the game started.


The following is a list of the basic equipment that each player receives at the start of the game:

  • Backpack (Level 3)
  • Deagle
  • 60EA.45 ACP
  • One frag grenade 
  • By entering your inventory, you can buy equipment with coins.
  • More coins are required for stronger weaponry.

New item in 2.0 version 

The additional defensive items available in Zombie Survival 2.0 are as follow :

  • Traps to temporarily stop zombies from moving. 
  • Sticky Traps and Sticky Chemicals to temporarily slow zombies. 
  • Zombie Stun Grenades to stun zombies. 
  • Healing Chemicals to heal you and your team. 
  • Zombie C4. 
  • Can Bombs. 
  • Zombie Blue Zone Grenades. 
  • Anti-Zombie Chemicals. 
  • Anti-Zombie Table Legs to deal damage  


Killing zombies earns you points.

By glancing at the globe map, you can see how well you are doing.

After the game, the final scores of your team will be displayed.

Game settings

  • Only supports TPP
  • 4-Man Squad 
  • DBNO disabled 
  • Team kill disabled 

When Playing in LABS, Keep These Things in Mind

  • There are no XP or gameplay awards in LABS games.
  • The Career page will not reflect LABS gameplay.
  • Zombies kills will not be counted in BATTLESTAR.
  • Gameplay in the LABS will not be recorded in the Match History.
  • The LABS  game does not allow for replay.

Strategies to survive in PUBG Zombie mode :

1- You must land in an area with a good amount of treasure when you initially appear to survive the PUBG zombies mode. This plan will ensure that you have plenty of weapons to fight the undead. It will be simpler for you to stay in the game if you have a 7.62 category weapon in your inventory, such as the AKM or M762. These weapons deliver the most damage, along with the flamethrower and the minigun. Avoid snipers at all costs if you want to survive dawn.

2-Containers or warehouses are good places to drop things off. Note that zombies are unable to climb, swim, or crouch (licker excluded). As a result, climbing on boxes or crates is simple, and you can concentrate solely on the Spitters.

3-Simply run in and out of the Tyrant’s circle unless you are dealing with other zombies, and they will not be able to hurt you.

4-Before the zombie apocalypse, stock up on medical supplies, first aid, pain relievers, and energy drinks. When it gets dark, jump into the water or set up camp in a structure with an angled roof. As a result, you will be safe from zombies. Runaway from zombie hotspots and wait until daylight to escape the spitting acid.

5-It is the second night that is the most difficult to make it through. When you play by yourself, the rate of zombies that spawn is reduced to one.

6- The zombie show-up rate increases to 4 for the entire squad, which means that if neglected, several regular and police zombies will spawn (2 butchers, 1 shield, 1 licker, and 2 spitters).

7-Keep an eye on your teammates while shooting the undead. You can preserve your ammunition for the attack until daybreak if you aim for their heads.

8-Pay close attention to the footsteps surrounding you when taking out zombies. A real player may be following you.

9- Kill Zombie Bosses; killing larger zombie bosses will reward you with greater loot, including an 8x scope.


How can I improve in PUBG zombie mode? 

Try to kill zombies with a battle knife whenever possible. The treasure is substantially larger when you kill zombies with a battle knife. Killing them with more powerful weaponry has no greater results. Killing as many zombies as possible is not the goal in Zombie mode. It is all about overcoming obstacles and achieving victory. Do not get caught up in a fight with a bunch of idiotic zombies. The purpose of PubG, though, is to survive and win at the end of the day. As a result, just keep running away from the zombies. As much as possible, try to avoid them.

What are the tips that we should follow to avoid playing PUBG mobile?

The main goal is to keep yourself occupied and away from your phone. Remove PUBG first if you want to use your phone. Instead, attempt to take nice images to participate in photography, editing, videography, and other related activities that could lead to a job as a professional photographer or anything else. Make an effort to do something important. Apart from gaming, of course. 

What are your top PUBG Mobile Zombie: Darkest Night tips?

Maintain your team’s unity on the roof of any building or home. Where you can simply kill incoming zombies. Always take a pain reliever or other drink before the night begins so that you can heal on your own. Press the back button and fire on zombies if you are on open ground. It will be quite beneficial. If you hear a gunshot, kill the opponent first, then the zombies. At all costs, do not be alone. In zombie mode, you can not fight alone. 

What are the differences between PUBG Mobile Zombies modes: (Survive Till Dawn, Darkest Night, and Survive Till Dawn 2)?

Zombies do greater damage in Darkest Night mode than they do in Dawn mode. And this mode’s basic rules are entirely different.

What is the best weapon to use to kill zombies in PUBG Mobile?

We would recommend the AKM and M416 (with the Suppressor AR because the sound of that bullet irritates me). Use AKM in close combat because it can deal more damage with high recoil, and M416 in a medium-range fight because it has good long-range accuracy. Do not use the flame thrower because it is only effective in close combat (which is risky), and catching fire on land will endanger our lives. Shotguns can be utilized at the beginning of the game while there are few zombies, but you cannot use them once the zombie waves begin.

In PUBG, how can I effectively utilize a shotgun?

A DMR with an S12 or pump-action combination is one of the best combinations. This allows you to shoot individuals from afar while remaining silent and waiting for them to approach you. Players can also use the shotgun to clean out a residence. Typically, you will win if you can surprise an opponent with a shotgun.


This is all about PUBG Zombie Survival mode. In PUBG Zombie Survival mode, you have to survive against zombies. You have to survive 10 stages. If you die in a round, you will be given a chance to respawn before the next stage begins. You can also earn coins by killing these zombies. We hope you find this article helpful in playing the PUBG Zombies Survival Mode.

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