Sea of Thieves: Stars Of A Thief Complete Guide


Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief is a part of the Shores of Gold story arc and serves as the fourth Tall Tale in it. In this Tall Tale, the players have to track the findings of the stargazer Sudds and follow the stars to find a Shroudbreaker gem. Since following the stars is a part of the quest, it’s no wonder that the name of the quest contains it too.

The quest is a part of an important story arc, has a decent reward, and is generally very fun to play. But of course, there’s a lot to figure out when playing a Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves and you don’t always have the time or patience to do it all by yourself.

So, let’s not waste a second and dig into our Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief complete guide!

How to complete Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief

Sea of Thieve Stars of a Thief is one of the best quests that every player should experience in the game due to its beautiful atmosphere and context. You need to follow a specific set of steps and requirements to complete it, and here’s all of them:


Step 1: Obtain the quest and vote on it

You have to first obtain the quest from Sudd’s desk at The North Star Seapost. It’s part 4 of a series of 9 quests that are a part of the Shores of Gold arc, and it’s preceded by The Legendary Storyteller. If you’re done with the ones prior, then it’s time to start with Stars of a Thief.

After you have the Tall Tale and the crew has voted on the mission, you then must listen to Sudds. He will tell you to obtain an Enchanted Spyglass and set you off to your journey of finding it.

Step 2: Use the journal to find the right location for the Enchanted Spyglass

You are given a new Tall Tale book that accompanies this quest, and you will receive notes that will randomly point you to one of two places. The two places are islands Rum Runner Isle and the Twin Groves, and you must go to the one that the game points you to.


Step 3: Go to either of the two locations and find the Enchanted Spyglass

Depending on where you go, the exact spot of where you find the required item will differ.

If you go to Rum Runner Isle, you have to find the lantern on the place and dig in the ground right below it.

If you’re in Twin Groves, you have to go the Northern side of the island and you will find two large rocks that has a tree in the middle spot. Dig below the tree and you’re good to go.

In either case, you’ll dig up a chest that contains the Enchanted Spyglass. But the quest isn’t over yet!


Step 4: Equip the Enchanted Spyglass and look for the constellations

Once you have the Enchanted Spyglass, you have to equip it. Then, look for the constellations in the stars. To be more specific, you have to find clusters of bright stars in the sky (preferably in night) and lines between them will be visible. These lines will help you solve the puzzles that come up ahead in Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief quest.


To keep track of the constellations:

  • East: Warrior
  • East towards the North side: Fish
  • East by the South side: Crab
  • North: Kraken
  • North towards the East side: Queen
  • North East: Boar
  • North West: Eagle
  • North towards the West side: Turtle
  • West: Boat
  • West towards the North side: Snake
  • West towards the South side: Flame
  • South: Shark
  • South towards the West side: Bear
  • South West: Arrow
  • South towards the East side: Feather
  • South East: Scarab

Since this quest is a bit variable in terms of what happens in it, the positions might be slightly different for you.


Step 5: Use your findings to look for the Star Jewels

The key point of Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief is to obtain the Star Jewels. And by this point, you’re finally about to look for them.

After you’ve noted down the constellations, the last bit of the journal has two entries that are randomly picked out of 9 possible combinations. You can complete these stories on your own by using the constellations to decipher the puzzles. However, we’re going to lay it out for you too.

  • In A Hunt, you can find the solution at Reaper’s Hideout by diving into the deep trench of the south coast. You’ll find a Kraken skeleton and it has the Star Jewel.
  • In Great Eagle Landing, you need to head to Lone Cove and have to find the Eagle Constellation that is next to the giant rock in the middle of the island. When the constellation is lined up, properly, dig the spot below you to find the Star Jewel.
  • When you get Battle in the Heavens, go to Mutineer Rock and you’ll find the Star Jewel on the west side of the island.
  • If you get They Were Voyagers, then you’ll have to go off the western tip of Discovery’s Ridge. You will find the Star Jewel there.
  • In The Man Who Lost His Gem, go to the Mermaids Hideaway and dive into the tunnels below. When you’re at the center of the island, go to the underwater cave and you will find the Star Jewel there.
  • If you get The Patient One, go to Thieve’s Haven and dig between the shipwreck and campfire in the middle of the island. You will then dig up the Star Jewel.
  • When you get Snake’s Deception, you can find the Star Jewel easily in Rapier Cay.
  • If you are given Sea Queen’s Promise, you can get the Star Jewel by heading over on the Isle of Last Words. It will be located under waves on the west coast of the island.
  • Lastly, if you get Lost An Eye, you can find the Star Jewel below the Shark Statue at the center of Shark bait Cove. If you can’t find it, try to stick to the north side where a tunnel can be found.

Step 6 – Head over to The Elusive Story and complete the puzzle

You’ll see a mention of The Elusive Story in the Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief up to this point. And the uncharted isle that the story mentions is found at N-13. When you go to the western coast of this isle, you will find a tunnel. Go inside and you’ll find a statue in which you can enter the Star Jewels that you got from two of the nine possible quests that you did earlier.


After the eyes are placed, you’ll find a totem that opens an ancient vault. The totem animal points you to the vault that you have to open. To quickly sum it up:

  • Snake Totem opens the Mermaids Hideaway Vault
  • Boar Totem opens the Devil’s Ridge Vault
  • Crab Totem opens the N-13 Vault
  • Shark Totem opens Kraken’s Fall Vault
  • Scarab Totem opens the Vault at Crook’s Hollow
  • Moon Totem opens the Vault on Crescent Isle

Go to the right vault and place the totem down there. Once it’s opened, go inside.


Step 7 – Solve the Ancient Vault Riddle

You’ll get extra pages and will find the Vault Riddle. To solve this, you have to use everything at your disposal that you obtained thus far. Light four braziers around the altar in the vault to start the puzzle. This is arguably the most brain-tinkering part of Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief quest.

Once it begins, you have to solve the puzzle by finding which constellation is referenced. You have to enter the top line solution of each paragraph of the riddle in the right places. For example, one of them goes to the leftmost pillar, while the next one goes to the right. Using the information given, you can figure out the right constellations.


Of course, this is a guide, and we’ll help you fast track the process:

  • The Grump refers to the Boar Constellation
  • The Last of its Kind refers to the Fish Constellation
  • The Old Mother/Big Foe refers to the Kraken Constellation
  • The Warmonger/Two-Legged Pupil/Eternal Warrior refers to the Warrior Constellation
  • The Singer refers to the Snake Constellation
  • Rowed/Sail/Tar and Tree refers to the Boat Constellation
  • The Queen’s Lover/Courter refers to the Crab Constellation
  • The Iron One/The Teacher refers to the Scarab Constellation
  • The Tear of the Sun/Warmer Seas refers to the Flame Constellation
  • The Weapon refers to the Arrow Constellation
  • The One Eyed/Old Mother’s Spy refers to the Shark Constellation
  • The Old Judge/Respected by All refers to the Bear Constellation
  • Part of the Proud One refers to the Feather Constellation/Eagle
  • The Patient One/Oldest One refers to the Turtle Constellation
  • The Proud One/A Watcher from High refers to the Eagle Constellation

After you understand what you have to do, light the fires properly and arrange the pillars in the right order. After doing this twice, the stone doors around you will open and reveal a piece of the Shroudbreaker. With this, the difficult parts of the Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief quest are over.

Step 7 – Go back to Sudd’s to end Stars of a Thief

This is the last step in Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief quest. Go back to Sudd’s at the North Star Seapost and talk to him. Give him the Shroudbreaker Stone and conclude the Tall Tale for good.


Congratulations, your quest is finally over! Sea of Thieves Stars of a Thief is surely a long quest, but it’s worth the experience alone. And of course, you do get a reward of 8000 Doubloons too. Once you’re ready, your next quest is Wild Rose.

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