Best ADC Leagues You Should Play Right Now!


The term “ADC” (Attack Damage Carry) refers to a champion who scales with attack-related stats like attack damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed. This champion deals powerful, continuous damage with their basic attacks. We’ve put together a list of the best ADC leagues if you’re interested in trying out ADC for the first time but aren’t sure where to begin.

Best ADC Leagues 

A prevalent myth about best ADC leagues is that an ADC must develop a significant amount of attack damage to be successful. While it’s generally a good idea to stack as much damage as possible, some ADCs can be effective when constructed for purposes other than sheer physical damage production.

In comparison to some other positions, like APCs or Supports, they are frequently more adaptable in terms of itemization and playstyle.

You’ve probably noticed that the best ADC leagues are challenging. This is because they demand more technical talent than any other function, have fewer escape options, and are less defensively strong. 

There is a very low likelihood that you’ll win games without having great teammates or playing against weak opposition because of these factors combined with the fact that carrying as an ADC is more difficult than carrying as any other role in the game. Let’s get into the details of the best ADC Leagues. 

A list of top and best ADC Leagues you should play

1. Miss Fortune 

As one of the simpler, more approachable best ADC leagues, Miss Fortune wins a spot on this list. Although she’s not the most thrilling champion overall, if you’re new to the role, you could find her simple equipment easier to master at first.

Miss Fortune’s Q ability, Double Up, contributes significantly to her early laning strength. The ricochet effect, which causes the second shot to bounce toward a different target, is where this skill’s true power lies. It deals a fair amount of damage on its own.

If you place the strike well enough, you can utilize this early in a game when you’re farming gold in the bottom lane to harass the enemy ADC or Support. It’s much better to eliminate a minion with the first shot because the second will be a critical hit on the next target!

When playing Miss Fortune, her lack of escapes is one weakness you must be mindful of. She possesses Strut, which may be activated when an emergency arises and offers her a significant passive boost to her move speed if she hasn’t taken damage in a short while.

Make sure you don’t advance too far, though, as she can’t escape an assailant swiftly without the Flash spell. This is crucial when she uses her ultimate, Bullet Time. It may deal tremendous area-of-effect damage but also leave you vulnerable to assault because it compels you to remain still.


2. Ashe 

Ashe is another best ADC leagues, not just if you are brand-new to the ADC role but also if you are a seasoned pro. She doesn’t need much mechanical ability, but even so, her skills can cause the opposing side some significant problems.

Also, she may use her auto attacks to slow adversaries due to her passive, which makes it simpler for her to follow up with additional arrows or to allow one of her teammates to finish the job.

She can also do significant burst damage with her E, which releases a barrage of arrows with catastrophic results. Her Ultimate launches a massive arrow that stuns any enemies it touches for what feels like an eternity as she engages or disengages.

Even if you cannot participate in the battle, it still has a strong effect due to its ability to travel the entire length of the rift.

Not to mention Ashe’s E, which enables her to scout everywhere on the map to see what her rivals are doing.


3. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa, one of the newest champions to join League of Legends, has already made a name for herself as a fearsome, best ADC league. She is a unique champion since you can specialize in specific areas depending on how you play her in any given match, thanks to how her abilities can be advanced by meeting specific state criteria.

She primarily uses her Q, Icathian Rain, to deal damage by launching a swarm of missiles that hunt down adjacent targets. This is a good wave clear, but it really shines in 1v1 situations when you can make sure every missile targets an opposing champion.

When trading in the lane with opponents early on, use caution when attempting to utilize this because you’ll probably lose money when a few of the missiles fly off to hit minions instead.

Combining her W, Void Seeker, and her ultimate, Killer Instinct, allows the best ADC league Kai’Sa to deal damage to lone champions effectively. You can use the former to mark a location from a distance with Plasma stacks, which you may use to activate the latter and warp yourself to the targeted area.

Even while Kai’Sa has few choices for crowd control once she gets to the target, she does have her E, Supercharge, which gives her a nice boost in both speed and attack.

Additionally, if you increase its power with Living Weapon, you receive some momentary invisibility that might help you outwit opponents or allow you to take advantage of better positioning during team fights.


4. Caitlyn 

Another best ADC league that is beginner-friendly but challenging to master. Caitlyn is a long-range weapon that thrives on controlling the landing phase by piercing her foes and dispatching them with a devastating strike from a distance.

You must choose the proper positions when in the middle of a team fight or during the laning phase because Caitlyn’s biggest weakness is her lack of mobility. You’ll want to do damage from the backline and utilize her E to climb over obstacles or get away from the opposition. You can temporarily root them to the spot by leading them into one of her Yordle Snap traps so you can get some free hits in.

Her Headshot passive, which does additional damage to targets affected by her abilities, amplifies all of her attack power. Incredibly, it also doubles your attack range while attacking specific targets.


5. Draven 

Due to his ability to earn bonus damage by snagging blades as they ricochet back off enemies, the whirling, ax-wielding villain can be a severe threat as early as level one. To benefit from the effectiveness of this technique, though, you must have some degree of skill in movement, posture, and anticipation. You’ll be able to out-harass practically any other lane opponent after you’ve perfected it, though.

Increasing your gold gain as Draven’s best ADC league through the Adoration stacks that you achieve requires proficiency with axe juggling as well. A bank of gold is accumulated each time you capture an axe or kill a minion, monster, or turret, and it is withdrawn when you defeat an opponent champion.

You’ll be able to charge ahead with your item purchases and thoroughly dominate the match by growing this banked money and collecting it with a kill. Draven is a powerful player and the best ADC league right now, which is understandable given his global ultimate and useful utility skills.

Spinning Axe will ricochet in the direction Draven is moving after you toss it, which is one of the most crucial things to remember. In order to play securely, you can turn around after launching an axe because it will return over your head and catch on the way back. This aids in safe lane-based minions destruction.


6. Jinx 

Being able to swap between a long-range, splash damage-dealing rocket launcher and a fast-firing minigun makes this frantic, hyperactive, and best ADC league one of the most adaptable players on the League roster.

Jinx is similar to Caitlyn in that her strength comes at the expense of poor agility, but she knows how to get out of sticky situations. If an enemy is unfortunate enough to step on them, her E drops a line of chattering chompers on the ground that roots them in place. Additionally, she has a long-range Zap ability that slows and reveals enemies. Both are excellent strategies for separating from opponents or gaining the upper hand if you need to go on the attack.

Her ultimate unleashes a massive rocket that causes more significant damage in proportion to the enemy’s reduced health and deals damage as it moves through the air. As a result, it functions well as a finishing blow or as a way to participate in a fight that you are unable to attend.

But what distinguishes Jinx from other best ADCs leagues is her passiveness. She is valuable in various circumstances because she can swap between a minigun and a rocket launcher to do splash damage in a team fight and deliver great DPS on a single target with the former. Additionally, she speeds up significantly after a kill, allowing you to quickly maneuver close the distance when the fight turns in your favor. 


7. Lucian

Lucian is one of the best ADC League due to his consistency and dependability. While other champions may have a more vital early or late game, Lucian can compete at any stage of a match thanks to significant damage and superb mobility to outmaneuver his opponents.

His Lightslinger passive, which causes his subsequent auto-attack to unleash two shots after utilizing an ability, is where it all begins. If you sequence the uses of your abilities properly, you can use this to take better trades in the lane with opponents and pump out some extra damage during team fights.

For instance, a typical best ADC league Lucian poke strategy is to use Piercing Light on minions to extend your range and clip enemy champions, then follow it up with a double hit from Lightslinger. Even if you don’t come out unscathed, this rotation should cause more damage to be dealt to your opponent. It might take some practice to get the accuracy with the right ability.

Relentless Pursuit, his E ability, is another essential component of his arsenal. At its most basic level, it’s a handy dash move that will enable you to swiftly adjust your fighting stance to press the advantage on a running opponent or get out of a tight spot.


8. Jhin 

Jhin is a very unique and best ADC league that gives a lot of range and usefulness to a team while also dealing significant damage and firing slowly. When playing Jhin, you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that not many champions in this category can deal as much damage in the early game as he can.

But first, you’ll need to learn how to use Whisper, the Virtuoso’s handgun. It can only contain four slugs at once, must be reloaded after each shot, and equipment cannot improve its attack speed. These powerful shells, combined with his Q, Dancing Grenade, and lockdown from his W, Deadly Flourish, enable some ominous burst damage.

Your main vulnerability with Jhin, like Miss Fortune, is his complete lack of movement options outside of the passive effect from Whisper. With Captive Audience, you’ll either need to be a master of positioning or cross your fingers and hope that opponents fall for your traps. But it’s not something you should rely on.

Finally, the best ADC league, Jhin’s ultimate, Curtain Call, is a lot of fun to play. He transforms Whisper into a massive cannon so that he may shoot projectiles across a huge portion of the map. As hits can slow targets to set up kills for your team, or you can pick off any stragglers who try to leave, this is ideal for starting a fight.


Final Words 

Here is our list of the best ADC leagues. Please select the best ADC league that best fits your playstyle because they can make or break a team fight. Choosing the best ADC league is crucial whether you are competing in your first League of Legends Clash tournament or not. We hope our guide helps you in selecting your ADC league. 

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