Mirana DOTA 2: The Complete Guide


DOTA 2 is one of the most successful MOBAs of today despite how much competition that it receives. The game has a large cast of unique characters that cater to all different kinds of playstyles, and Mirana in DOTA 2 is a favorite of the player base.

She’s referred to as a roaming character because the best way to play as her is to explore the entire map instead of being in one spot. Her abilities, such as Sacred Arrow and Moonlight Shadow are particularly difficult to deal with.

And she’s great at both killing on her own and assisting other players for the task too.

It’s important to know the crucial details about Mirana’s skills and abilities in both the cases of playing as her and against her. After all, the more knowledge you have, the less time you spend on figuring random things out.

So, let’s not waste a second and save your time with a thorough guide of what makes Mirana DOTA 2 a character that players love to pick!


Mirana’s Background and Role in DOTA 2


Mirana was born into a royal family, but she decided not to attach any titles to her name and devoted herself to Selemene, the Godess of the Moon. Ever since the day of her devotion, she has been known as the Princess of the Moon and protects the Godesss’ preserves from trespassers.

She’s fearless, focused, and powerful enough to take on any threat that could come her way. And her trusty feline sidekick helps her go around in speed!

When it comes to gameplay, Mirana is a versatile hero. Because she can be used as a substitute for any role in the game. But the role that suits her the most is that of a roamer as she has great mobility and can set up kills with ease.

Especially since she has bows and arrows, which allows her to keep a safe distance between herself and her enemies.

So, how you play as her depends on your preferences. But as usual, a good balance of offense, defense, and support is the best way to play a versatile character.

Mirana’s Abilities


Mirana has a lot of versatility in her abilities. Given that she’s a roamer, her ability to disappear in particular is very useful. Especially when the player needs to sneak around in a difficult situation.

  • Starstorm – This ability calls down a wave of meteors that damages nearby enemy units. Mirana then calls a secondary meteor on the unit that is closest to her.
  • Sacred Arrow – In this ability, Mirana fires a long-range arrow that stuns the enemy and damages them too. The stun duration lasts between 0 to 3.2 seconds and can deal up to 180 bonus damage based on the distance between Mirana and the enemy. Sacred Arrow has an upgraded secondary version too in which Mirana unleashes a Starstorm too right after throwing an arrow towards the enemy.
  • Leap – This ability has Mirana leap forward towards her enemy and grants her a boost in attack and movement speed for 2.5 seconds. Leap has a second version as well which is an upgrade of the first one. In this version, Mirana launches a projectile that deals extra damage and slows the enemy unit that are affected.
  • Moonlight Shadow – A highlight of Mirana’s abilities, Moonlight Shadow makes her and the allied heroes around her invisible. When invisible, the heroes have increased movement speed too. As soon as a hero is revealed, invisibility is restored after the fade delay if the ability is still active.

Mirana’s Gameplay

The very first thing to know about Mirana is that her Sacred Arrow can immediately kill non-ancient creeps. This allows her to farm rewards early on in a match which is beneficial for both her and allied heroes.

After that, the best approach is to assume the role of a roamer. Go around the map, attack people with abilities like Sacred Arrow, Starstorm, and the upgraded version of Leap. Damage enemies and either kill them or leave them weakened for a teammate to take over.

You can keep playing that way until you reach level 6. And then you can finally make use of her Moonlight Shadow ability. This will help you sneak behind enemies and then you can attack them with the upgraded versions of your Sacred Arrow and Leap abilities.

As good of a character as she is on her own, it’s always a good idea to support your allied heroes as much as possible. It would be a waste to play as an all-rounder like Mirana in DOTA 2 but ignore how effective she is as a support player.

She’s fast, powerful, evasive, and can become invisible when the time is right. And any good player knows that this is the recipe of a great pick.

The best items that you can pair Mirana with are in the early game are those that will grant her HP bonuses since her health is one of her shortcomings. In the mid and late-game, you can pair her with items like Arcane Boots, Force Staff, Scythe of Vyse, Eul’s of Divinity, and Magic Wand.

These will provide her all the boosts and advantages that she needs to become even mor effective than she already was in the start.


Best Mirana DOTA 2 Counters

If you’re up against a Mirana main, you should know what heroes you can use to counter her in DOTA 2.

  • Night Stalker – Night Stalker is one of the best counters of Mirana. His Crippling Fear ability can prevent Mirana from using Moonlight Shadow and Leap to escape. Since her health is not her best stat, she’s particularly easy for Night Stalker to kill too.

Lastly, using Dark Ascension and Gem of True Sight, he can find and kill her with ease. Since he’s a bit of a Tank, he can handle Mirana at any stage of her strength.

  • Abaddon – Abaddon is able to get rid of Sacred Arrow’s stun from his teammates with the use of Aphotic Shield. And he can remove it from himself too by using Borrowed Time.
  • Arc Warden – Arc Warden can use Flux to slow down and even damage Mirana even if she leaps. And he can also help allies who are hit by Sacred Arrow by placing a Magnetic Field.
  • Bloodseeker – Since Mirana is evasive, it’s good to have options in countering that. Bloodseeker’s Rupture can quickly kill her if she’s trying to use her Leap ability to run away. Additionally, his Thirst ability can detect Mirana and her allies when they’re using Moonlight Shadow.
  • Lycan – Lycan can use Shapeshift to make Mirana’s Leap ability useless. And additionally, using Shapeshift allows him to dodge Mirana’s Sacred Arrow as well.

Other notable mentions include Lina, Meepo, Puck, Slark, and Windranger. All of these characters have abilities that can hinder Mirana’s effectiveness in one way or another.

And that’s it for our guide for Mirana in DOTA 2. It should be kept in mind that DOTA 2 is a fairly balanced game. So, even if you’re playing as a counter – Mirana will not become easy to kill. Using a counter simply gives you more of a chance than usual to even the odds.

At the end of the day, a good Mirana player can still fight the counters back.

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