How Much Money Have I Spent On League Of Legends?


League of Legends is undoubtedly the king of the MOBA genre, and it has one of the largest playerbases in PC gaming ever since its release. Despite this, the game is free-to-play and does not require a purchase for access to its content.

But that does not mean that the game is not monetized. First of all, players can buy champions that they haven’t unlocked yet. Secondly, players can purchase hundreds of unique skins and other cosmetic items to personalize their experience. And since League of Legends characters are incredibly iconic and even have their own TV show – it’s no surprise that players do spend thousands of dollars to buy new looks for them.

As a regular player, we’re sure you’ve found yourself asking “how much money have I spent on League of Legends”. After all, it’s hard to keep a track of it because different cosmetic items have different prices. And that becomes even harder if you’ve been playing the game for many years.

So, let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide of checking how much money you have spent on League of Legends!

How to Check How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

Fortunately, there’s a simple way of getting the answer to ‘how much money have I spent on League of Legends’. And it comes from none other than the developers of the game themselves, Riot Games. Which means that you don’t have to go to any shady sources with your account information to learn this.

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to learn how much money you have spent on League of Legends. Let’s go over them all.

1. Visit the Official Support Site for League of Legends


Riot Games has a dedicated website for League of Legends where they provide support for the players. This includes both information and technical help, depending on what the player needs assistance for.

So, the first step is to visit the support site for League of Legends. Then, head over to the “League of Legends Basics” section, and then “League guides & FAQs”.

2. Visit the “How much money have I spent in League of Legends?” page

Once you’ve made your way to the “League guides & FAQs” section, you’ll find a page called “How much money have I spent in League of Legends”. Simply head over to it and then only one step remains.


Now you’re in the right place and have just one step left. You have to log into the website to get the answer to ‘how much money have I spent on League of Legends’. Since this is the official support website from Riot Games, you don’t have to worry about giving your account details here.

Once you’re logged in – that’s it. You’ll immediately get the answer based on the currency that is used in your region. For example, it will be in currencies like US dollars, Euros, and more.

3. How to check how much money I have spent on League of Legends in other regions?

One important thing to know about everything we’ve talked about thus far is that it’s limited. The official support website of Riot Games only works for your current region.

Which means that you’ll only see how much money you have spent on League of Legends in the region that you currently play in. If you spent a lot of money in a different region before but changed it later on – you won’t be able to see any information related to it.

So, what’s the answer for ‘how much money have I spent on League of Legends” if your account changed regions later? Well, there is no easy way to determine this anymore. But we do have two manual methods that can help out.

Calculate the items in your inventory

The only thing that you can do is to calculate the skins, champions, and other cosmetic items that you own in League of Legends manually. To do this, you have to go to your inventory and see what you own.

Then, you can google its name to see how much it costs. It’s a lengthy method, but by the end you should have a pretty close idea of how much money you have spent in the game.

Check your bank statement & email

This is the last thing any of us think of, but it’s a very effective method for those who have the time. You can check your bank statement to see any transactions that you’ve made to online purchases related to Riot Games. Though the names of online purchases in your bank statements can be a bit random, it should still have recognizable words here and there.

Once you collect all the purchases, you’ll have a sum to add up. And the total amount is the answer to ‘how much money I have spent on League of Legends’.

Alternatively, you can do this with the email account that is connected to your bank too. Find your transaction history and calculate the purchases made on the Riot Games store. By the end, you’ll have the total amount which you have spent on League of Legends as well.


Should I use unofficial sources to see how much money have I spent on League of Legends?

No. The only way a site can track how much money you’ve spent is by having complete control over your information. If you give any website or software such privileges, your security is at a risk.

The good thing about the method we’ve recommended is that it’s from Riot Games themselves. So, you should strictly avoid any third party sources that can tell you how much money you’ve spent.

Can I refund my purchases in League of Legends?

If you learned that you spent too much money on the game, it’s only natural to consider a refund. The answer to whether you can refund your purchases in League of Legends or not is both yes and no.

You can get a refund if your content is unused and purchased up to 14 days ago. If you have used it properly or 2 weeks have passed – you can no longer refund it. Additionally, what you can and cannot refund are split between two categories too.


So, if your item is applicable for the refund rules – you can easily get one. It’s important to know that you’ll have to send them a ticket for most of these refunds instead of using the client. So, you’ll have to go back and forth with their support team most of the time.


That’s everything that you need know about finding out ‘how much money have I spent on League of Legends’. We hope that you found this guide helpful and that it answered all your questions. And don’t worry, we won’t judge no matter how much you’ve spent on the game!

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