Enchantress DOTA 2: The Complete Guide


DOTA 2 is a game with a very diverse cast of characters that cater to different playstyles and roles. Whenever the topic of the best support characters is brought up, you’ll hear people bring up Enchantress in DOTA 2 communities a lot.

That is simply because Enchantress is an incredibly effective hero that is perfect for many types of player strategies. She’s quite effective in ranged gameplay, has great support options, and has decent offensive capabilities once her power increases throughout a match.

Whether you wish to play as the Enchantress or against her, it’s important to know the important details about her skills and abilities. We’re here to give you a much-needed headstart about this character. So, let’s dig in and find out what makes Enchantress DOTA 2 the talk of the town!

Enchantress’ Background and Role in DOTA 2

Enchantress is a peaceful creature that lives in the woods and has a hybrid body between that of a human and a four-legged animal.

But her caring nature shouldn’t be mistaken for ignorance. Because she is well aware of the misery of the world. She does not shy away from resorting to violence in order to maintain order in her environment, which makes her a formidable warrior with a heart of gold.

In terms of gameplay, she’s a bit of an all-rounder character. As mentioned briefly above, she is generally popular as a support character thanks to some of her tools that are great for teamwork.

But her versatility sets her apart from other healing-type characters. Because she can deal a lot of damage if her potential is utilized properly.

So, if the player manages to balance pressure, offense, defense, and support within a match, the Enchantress is an unbelievably useful character to main.

Enchantress’ Abilities

Enchantress has several abilities that are diverse and effective for multiple reasons.

  • Impetus – This ability places an enchantment on each attack. The enchantment increases the damage of her attacks, which changes based on distance. The damage is at its highest if the target is far, and double damage is dealt to creeps and illusions.
  • Sproink – In this ability, the Enchantress leaps backwards, dodges projectiles and launches an Impetus attack on the 3 furthest enemy units that are under her attack range.
  • Nature’s Attendants – This ability grants permanent Nature’s Attendants to Enchantress which follow her around.
  • Enchant – This ability charms enemies. If the enemy is a hero, they will slow down. If the enemy is a creep, she can control them. Their attack damage and maximum health increases as a result.
  • Untouchable – This ability allows the Enchantress to beguile her enemies. If she has taken damage, their attacks become slower.
  • Nature’s Attendants – An alternative version of an ability with the same name, this one forms a cloud of wisps that heals Enchantress and nearby friendly units for 12 seconds.

Enchantress’ Gameplay

The first thing to keep in mind when playing as the Enchantress is that the player should keep a neutral lane. She works best at a distance, so it’s always a good idea to not get too close to any enemies.

Preferably, at Level 1, abilities like Impetus and Untouchable are a good idea. And then at Level 2, you can use more complicated measures such as Enchant – which will help you disrupt your enemy team’s infrastructure.

Lastly, it’s important to help your friendly units by using the Nature’s Attendants to heal them. And helping friendly units out from a distance is one of the best ways to provide offensive support as the Enchantress in DOTA 2.

Her quick movement speed and long durability thanks to skills like Untouchable help her become a big inconvenience for the enemy team. And thanks to her versatility, you can pair her with most other heroes in the game – since her skills aren’t that specific. We do recommend Lich, Legion Commander, Io and Warlock.

The best items you can pair with her are Iron Branches, Sentry Ward, and Faerie Fire. Later on, you can throw Power Treads, Magic Wand, the Force Staff, and Bracers too.

Finally, once you’re in the end of the game, using Hurricane Pike and other effective items like the Monkey King Bar, and Scythe of Vyse is a great idea as well.

Of course, you should remember that these are our recommendations. It’s always a great idea to experiment with your loadout and see what works the best for your individual playstyle.

Best Enchantress DOTA 2 Counters

If you’re playing against an Enchantress main, then it’s a great idea to know what heroes you can use in DOTA 2 to counter her effectiveness with.

  • Broodmother – Broodmother’s summons are not a good target for Enchantress to control. That is because she can swarm up her summons with the Spawn Spiderlings ability.
  • Lina – Lina’s heavy magic burst is difficult for Enchantress to survive because of her small health pool. Not to mention the fact that Fiery Soul directly counters the Untouchable Enchantress skill because of her low armor.
  • Crystal Maiden – Crystal Maiden can inflict 1000 magical damage to Enchantress’ creeps and can root them for 10 seconds.
  • Razor – Using Static Link’s damage and combining it with Eye of the Storm’s high movement speed. This makes Razor an opponent that can easily destroy her health pool. Especially since Static Link ignores Untouchable’s defensive capabilities due to its immense damage.
  • Juggernaut – Blade Fury can dispel the slow movement that Enchant inflicts. Omnilash, and Swiftslash are abilities that can ignore Untouchable due to their damage bursts.

Other notable mentions include Chen, Luna, Nyx Assassin, Meepo, Riki, Troll Warlord, Timbersaw, and Windranger. They all have abilities or items that can hinder Enchantress’ abilities.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this is a carefully crafted game. So, even though Enchantress has counters in DOTA 2 – she is not powerless against them. They simply have some tools that are very useful against her. She still has a fair chance to counter them back.

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