Apex Legends Revenant Guide, Abilities and Tricks


The Apex Legends Revenant is one of the most iconic legends from the game. Originally introduced in Season 4 of the game, he quickly stole the spotlight thanks to his cool design and vengeful personality.

He’s not a part of the base game, so players have to unlock him manually. And unlocking him is completely worth the time and effort because he’s an offensive legend that has great abilities for players who like to apply the pressure.

So, who is the Apex Legends Revenant? How do you unlock him? And what is the best way to play as him? Let’s jump into our short but thorough guide and answer these questions!


Who is the Revenant in Apex Legends?

The Revenant is a 313 years old Simulacrum who used to be a human being in the past. He was an extremely effective hitman and worked under the Mercenary Syndicate.

After many successful jobs, his programming began to fail and he ended up seeing his true self – which was nothing close to human. Every time he died; he was resurrected by the Mercenary Syndicate. And reprogrammed to forget that he’s not a human anymore.

With this knowledge, he swore to destroy the syndicate and Hammond Robotics, who are both responsible for his fate. He lost purpose after they all died in one way or another throughout the passing centuries.

But as Hammond Robotics resurfaced to the Outlands, he swore to recontinue his mission and destroy them all over again.


How to unlock Revenant in Apex Legends?

You can unlock the Revenant in three ways. The first one is to purchase the Champion Edition content pack for Apex Legends, which includes many characters including the Revenant.

If you want to buy only the Revenant and not a content pack, you can purchase him using either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. This, of course, depends entirely on your preferences and whether you’re comfortable spending real-world money into the game or not.

Fortunately, Apex Legends is a balanced game and you can still enjoy it without Season 4 Legends too!

How to play as Apex Legends Revenant?

Revenant is an Offensive Legend, so the best way to play as him is to adopt an aggressive approach.

First of all, let’s go over Revenant’s abilities in Apex Legends.

  • Silence – In his Tactical ability, the Revenant fires an orb that sticks to the spot that it lands on. After it sticks to a target, it deals damage to them for 15 seconds. And it also temporarily prevents the use of abilities for any enemy that is affected by the ability.
  • Stalker – In his Passive ability, Revenant’s crouching and climbing speeds are increased. And his maximum climbing height becomes much larger. Which, in comparison, is 6 times as high as a normal Legend in the game.
  • Death Totem – In his Ultimate ability, the Revenant places an artifact that sends him into a state of ‘Death Protection’. Players who use the totem become ‘Shadows’ that can take damage without dying. Once they take enough damage, they teleport back to the totem. And players other than Revenant can use the totem too if they find it.

Once you take a clear look at the Revenant’s abilities, it becomes clear that his gameplay is all about pressure and taking control of the battlefield.

First of all, when you’re in a serious gunfight, it’s a good idea to use the Silence ability to deal a little bit of damage to your enemies. This damage is nothing significant, but it gives you enough of an advantage. Because every bullet is important when you’re cornered.

Then, you can use the Stalker ability to become faster and jump higher, which helps both in gaining a vintage point or to simply pressure your enemies with immense intimidation. Alternatively, the Stalker ability is great for running away too if you realize that you can’t win a certain fight.

Lastly, the Death Totem ability is perfect for any situation. If enemies are everywhere, you can enter the Shadow mode, which will reduce your risk of dying. And if you ‘die’ in Shadow form, you still have 50% health and any previously equipped shields when you’re back at the totem.

Not only that, but this also helps you be a team player since your squad members can use it too. So, that’s multiple Shadows up against your enemies – and then all of you cheat death and get another chance at finishing what you started.


All in all, Apex Legends Revenant is not the most beginner-friendly legend in the game. But once you get the hang of it, he’s one of the fiercest killers in the game, which is very fitting when you remember his lore.

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