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PUBG Crossplay: Cross-Platform Play Explained


It does not matter what year it is, some of your friends will always ask you to play PUBG with them. Since not every friend of yours is on the same gaming platform as you, it’s important to know whether PUBG crossplay is a reality or not.

Since the game is incredibly successful and redefined the battle-royale genre, it’s available on many different platforms. So, it’s only natural to wonder whether the Xbox port can connect to players on the PlayStation version, and so on.

We’re going to save your time and money and list the answer to this million-dollar question – for every port of the game that exists. Let’s jump to official sources and see whether PUBG crossplay exists or not!

Cross-Platform Multiplayer Explained

In case you don’t know what crossplay means, let’s take a second to go over what it means.

For a very long time, online video games were limited exclusively to the platform that they were on. For example, someone on a PlayStation 3 was not able to play online multiplayer with someone on a PC.

However, as of 2022, this is fortunately changing. Many games have now begun to introduce crossplay capabilities. This allows players to experience online multiplayer across different platforms, such as people together by using a PlayStation 4, a PC, and an Xbox One, respectively.

So, the question “is PUBG cross platform” basically means to ask if you can play the game with your friends on different consoles. If the answer to “is PUBG cross platform” is yes, then that means PUBG is a game that people can play on any platform without having to worry about what their friend is using.

Is PUBG Crossplay?

The answer to whether PUBG has cross-platform multiplayer or not is a bit complicated. That is because the game is on many platforms which includes both handheld and big. On top of that, there are multiple versions of the game in existence too.

Worry not – we’ll go over all of them.

Is PUBG Cross Platform?

The words ‘PUBG crossplay’ and ‘is PUBG cross platform’ both mean the same thing. They are different ways of referring to the function, as one is about playing and the other one more directly refers to platforms (what we play a game on).

As stated above, the answer to this question is a bit complicated and can only be answered based on categories, as some PUBG versions are cross platform and some of them aren’t. So, let’s sequentially go over every version and look into the answer of is PUBG cross platform or not.

Is PUBG PC Crossplay?

Even though PUBG is not too different of a game on consoles, PUBG on the PC is still an isolated game. Unfortunately, PUBG on PC does not have cross-platform multiplayer and people who play it are limited to that platform.

It’s especially a bummer for many because PUBG on PC is a very demanding game in terms of hardware. Although a separate PUBG Lite existed for some time, it has been shut down because of a dying player-base.

And PUBG Mobile, which can be emulated on PC, is also a separate experience and does not have crossplay with the main PC version of the game.

So, players have no choice but to play the normal version of PUBG PC and since it’s not crossplay, there is no way to play it with your PC friends using something like a gaming console. It gets worse by the fact that the PC version of the game is generally considered the ‘main’ one, so you will be missing out on a lot if you can’t run it.

And on the other hand, your friends will be missing out on a lot instead if you can afford it but they’re on a console which you can’t play with or against.

Is PUBG Mobile Crossplay?

PUBG Mobile has crossplay between Android and iOS. However, PUBG Mobile does not have cross-platform multiplayer with PC and consoles. So, you can only play PUBG Mobile with those who are also using a smartphone.

There is one way, however. Tencent Gaming Buddy is a free application for PC, created by the owners of PUBG. Using the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, people can play PUBG Mobile on a PC.

PUBG Mobile emulator players can play with their friends who use smartphones by forming a party with them. And then, they face off against other emulator players and people who have similar parties formed.

Keep in mind, if you’re wondering “is PUBG cross platform” regarding the Mobile port and its emulation, the answer is no. The original PC game is entirely different to what you experience when playing the mobile port on an emulator.

Lastly, there is a simpler version of PUBG Mobile called PUBG Lite and it does not have crossplay either.

Is PUBG Crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One?

PUBG has cross-platform multiplayer on all console versions, which includes the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. This further extends to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S because PUBG is playable on those consoles too.

PUBG on consoles cannot connect to players on a PC or on PUBG Mobile, only other game consoles.

So, is PUBG cross platform on consoles? The answer is yes. But it shouldn’t be confused as global crossplay, since you still cannot play with anyone on a PC using these ports.

And the same can be said about PC, as you won’t be able to play with those on the console despite the fact that the console version has limited crossplay.

Is PUBG New State Crossplay?

PUBG: New State is kind of a sequel to the normal PUBG and it’s only available on smartphones. It does not feature cross-play between any other Mobile, PC, or console versions of the game. It’s an individual game with no connection to anything else.

Though fans do wish for a PUBG 2 and often confuse New State as a sequel – but since it’s just a mobile sequel, it does not count for a genuine PUBG 2. If we do get a real PUBG 2, it would most likely be on the PC platform before anything else.

Whether the answer to “is PUBG cross platform” for the sequel would be yes or no is unknown at the moment. Whenever the plans for a sequel go forward, we will surely learn more information from official sources. For now, we can only cross our fingers and hope!

Will PUBG PC get crossplay in the future?

Even though PUBG has crossplay on console, fans still wish that they were able to play with their friends using a PC too. After all, the PC version of the game is the best one. And even aside from that fact, it’s just a platform that too many people have.

As of 2022, there is currently no news regarding a future update that would enable PUBG PC crossplay with consoles. There is no public reason for this, although it’s easy to speculate a few. And there is no word on a potential sequel either, as New State was the closest thing and it’s limited to mobile phones.

It takes a lot of effort to make two ports of a game identical. Then we have hackers on PC who can potentially make the experience worse for console gamers.

And lastly, most people on consoles use gamepads whereas PC players use a mouse and keyboard setup. This is considered a disadvantage since it’s much easier to aim with a mouse.

If your friends are on console but you are not – don’t lose hope. It’s entirely possible that PC might get crossplay sometime in the future. Especially since games that are directly a competition to PUBG have much better cross-platform multiplayer, such as Fortnite.

So, at the moment, the answer to is PUBG cross platform is no, and it seems that it will remain this way for a long time. It’s just possible that this might change later.

Rest assured if any information changes in the future – we’ll update our guide with it. As of now, this is everything that you need to know about PUBG crossplay capabilities.

Is PUBG Cross Platform FAQ

Since we’ve already answered every question regarding PUBG and its crossplay, let’s go over the highlights quickly to clear up any confusion.

  • Is PUBG Cross Platform with Xbox and PC?

No. PUGB PC does not feature crossplay with the console versions of the game, which includes Xbox.

  • Is PUBG Cross Platform with PC and Android/iOS?

No. PUBG PC is not crossplay with Android or iOS. The emulated version of PUBG Mobile is crossplay with Android and iOS when you play it on PC.

  • Is PUBG Cross Platform with PS4 and Xbox?

Yes, the console versions of PUBG feature crossplay. So you can play together with your friends on both PS4 and Xbox.

  • Is PUBG PC Cross Platform with New State PUBG?

No. NEW STATE is a sequel to PUBG Mobile and is not crossplay with either PUBG PC or even PUBG Mobile itself. It’s a self-contained spin-off.

  • Can you play PUBG PC with PUBG Mobile Emulator?

No. PUBG Mobile emulator is simply the mobile version of the game. You cannot play PUBG Mobile emulation with the normal PUBG PC game, which is available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

  • Is PUBG Cross Platform with PS5 and Xbox Series X?

That depends on what you’re asking. PUBG PC is not cross platform with anything. But PUBG on PS4 is cross platform with PUBG on the Xbox. And same way, PUBG on PS5 is playable with Xbox Series X.

So, yes, the console versions of the game being crossplay still holds true even for this particular context. But keep in mind PUBG on the PS5 can’t play with PC, and the same goes for PUBG on Xbox Series X and PC.

  • Is PUBG Cross Platform on Google Stadia?

The Google Stadia port of PUBG is not something that many people play on since it’s not a platform that became very popular. And since they use the PC platform to mainly run their games, normally you’d expect it to not have crossplay.

But interestingly, PUBG on Google Stadia does have cross platform multiplayer and it’s with the console version of the game. So, someone playing PUBG on Google Stadia can play PUBG with people who are playing on an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4.

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