The New GTA 5 Map Expansion


Grand Theft Auto 5 is game that originally came out in 2013. And since it refuses to lose popularity, fans want a GTA 5 map expansion.

GTA 5 came out with Grand Theft Auto Online in 2013, which was originally seen as an extra mode to mess around with. But quickly, it became one of the largest online multiplayer video games of the decade.

Even though it’s nothing unusual for GTA games to be popular way past their prime, GTA 5 is an exception because of GTA Online refusing to die.

As a result of GTA Online’s popularity, single-player DLC for GTA 5 doesn’t exist. And thus, players did not get to see any other cities in the game’s map. Because the focus for future content was diverted towards online content.

Years passed and fans did not get to visit any new places within GTA 5. The closest thing was when fans modded the game on PC to visit Liberty City, which was just for killing some time.

Fortunately, Rockstar Games did add a new location for fans to visit in one of their recent updates. And aside from that, fans have been speculating that we will see more in the near future too.

So, what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to the GTA 5 map expansion? Let’s look at all for the information and find out!


Official GTA 5 Map Expansion

Grand Theft Auto 5 is extremely popular and fans are willing to pay a lot of money for new content. Even though GTA Online is very successful and generates millions in revenue every year, Rockstar Games has been very lazy with adding anything substantial in their updates.

However, with the recent Cayo Perico Heist update in GTA Online, the world of GTA 5 finally got an expansion. The update added a new place called Cayo Perico which is an island that is off the coast of Colombia.

It’s a private island owned by a drug lord called Juan Strickler and it’s pretty fun to visit. It’s full of parties, jets, wildlife, historical objects, and more. And of course, since it’s a part of a heist, players can play an entirely new mission with their friends.

Unfortunately, this GTA 5 map expansion is not perfect because players cannot visit it outside of the heist. Once you complete the heist, you cannot go back to the island anymore in free roam.

Which limits you again into aimlessly wandering Los Santos and not much else. You can still revisit the island of Cayo Perico for a beach party, but you can’t leave the premises of the party.

Fans assumed that they might be able to revisit the island with a future update. But as of now, Rockstar Games has not added that change. So, the GTA 5 map expansion that players wanted is still going to have to wait.


Rumors and Speculations

When Rockstar Games announced the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version of Grand Theft Auto 5, it had a new title. GTA 5 Enhanced Edition is the new name and it includes a few improvements that this version has over the last-gen, although nothing substantial.

Some outlets and fans started to call this version ‘GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Edition’, however, and that stirred a misconception. Fans started to think that this is the official title that Rockstar Games has given the game and that the expansion part means a new map.

This rumor further strengthened itself when it was revealed that this version of GTA 5 is going to cost players. Even if they are only upgrading their game. Fans believed that Rockstar Games will be providing something new to the table if they’re asking for money.

To everyone’s disappointment – none of this is true.

The Enhanced edition of GTA 5 is not too different to the updates we have seen in the past. The graphics are better and there is more GTA Online content.. But there is no GTA 5 map expansion in sight and this is simply more of the same.


The future of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Map

At the moment, Rockstar Games has not revealed any official plans to expand on GTA 5’s map. Even though we saw a new island in GTA Online, you can only visit it for a heist and beach parties.

Whether it’s the PS4 version, the PC version, or the PS5 version – they’re all the same game with minor graphical improvements.

It’s still entirely possible that Rockstar Games might reveal a new map for GTA 5 in the near future. And maybe they do plan it for the GTA 5 Enhanced Edition too. But for now, we don’t know anything.

If anything changes and new locations are added in GTA 5’s map to explore, we’ll keep you updated. For now – what you see is what you get.

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