3 Main Reasons Why CS:GO Gloves Are Expensive


Counter Strike: Global Offensive revolutionized what it meant to monetize your game while keeping it a fair free-to-play experience.

Just like character, gun and knife skins, CSGO gloves are another way for players to customize their character without gaining an unfair advantage within the gameplay.

Good loot is rare to come across in general, but gloves in CSGO are “exceedingly rare items”. This often gives them a higher average value than most other types of skins in the game.

An important reason behind that is that you cannot craft gloves. They can only be obtained through a marketplace purchase or loot boxes.

The gloves come in various different styles and look pretty good. And on top of that, players often match them with their unique knives which is a pleasant sight to see.

So, how do you get gloves in CSGO? Why do they cost so much? How can you avoid being scammed when getting CSGO gloves? Let’s go over everything and face the right direction!

Why CSGO Gloves are so expensive?


For gamers who don’t play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it can be pretty confusing to see why in-game skins like gloves cost so much. The answer, however, is not as complicated as you might expect it to be.

It’s all simply supply and demand. Every time something exists in a scarcity but people want it, that thing becomes expensive. Diamonds are an incredibly easy example to understand as they have no inherent value that could improve lives.

However, simply because they are rare and beautiful, they have an extremely high value within our society.

The same logic applies to CSGO gloves. They add no changes to the gameplay, but they look good and players want them. Yet obtaining them is a difficult task – thus it creates a scarcity.

And where there is demand, the value increases. And that’s why CSGO gloves are so costly and difficult to obtain.

How to get CSGO Gloves?

As briefly mentioned above, you cannot craft gloves in CSGO. This means that you can only find them through drops with two types of loot boxes.

One of them is the ‘Glove Case’ and the other one is the ‘Clutch Case’. There is a very, very small chance of getting gloves from these cases. Even the ‘Glove Case’ does not exclusively contain gloves.

The items that you can get by using these cases include several other things, such as gun skins for example. The chance of getting a glove with a yellow rarity is roughly 0.26%.

As for the pricing of these cases, it varies based on the current Steam Community Market status. Right now, the average starting price is $2.30, but it can change over time to both higher and lower prices.


We recommend aiming for a case with a likelihood of giving you expensive skins, since you will not even be receiving any gloves for quite a while.

How to not get scammed when buying or selling CS:GO Gloves?

Some factors are worth knowing when it comes to trading or selling CSGO gloves.

Trading on Steam

Gloves in CS:GO are an item that can be traded since it’s very difficult to get the ones that you want from loot boxes. The Steam trading system is generally pretty fair, but some people do nothing but scam for a living.

You can get scammed even within Steam’s own client if you’re not careful.

The number one thing to keep in mind here is that you should not trade with people are complete strangers. Trade with someone who has a very good reputation within the community. And something even better is if you trade with someone who you know through a friend.

Trading on third-party sites

Trading skins on third-party sites is always a complicated and risky procedure. In most cases, we recommend avoiding this altogether. But in case your interests happen to align with third party sites – you have to be extremely careful.

Don’t trust a site that seems shady. Look for something that is reputable, has been around for some time, and ask your friends if they have ever used the site before.

No matter how tempting a deal looks, don’t trust a site that hasn’t proven itself yet.

Selling on third-party sites

You can easily sell your gloves on the Steam Marketplace. But you cannot cash that money out. It remains in your Steam wallet and the closest thing to using that money in the outside world is to buy and sell gift cards.

Either that, or trade the skin with someone for real-world money if you trust them by taking a very simple item from them in return.

Third-party sites, on the other hand, let you sell the skins for an immediate digital payment on platforms like PayPal. It’s very risky to trust websites and scams happen all the time.

But if you are a hundred percent certain that you won’t be scammed – then simply make sure that the site is not new, shady, or unproven.


That’s everything that you need to know about CSGO gloves, how to obtain them, and how to sell or trade them off. We can’t give you any advice that would guarantee your safety, but we have given you every bit of basic knowledge that should help you remain careful.

So, go ahead and add some flair to your Counter: Strike Global Offensive gameplay!

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