Helium Filaments Destiny 2: The Complete Guide


In Destiny 2: Shadow keep, the Guardians, as well as one of the original Destiny’s most popular consumables, Helium Filaments, made a return to the Moon. The Destiny 2 Helium Filaments serve a significantly different purpose than the Destiny 1 Helium Filaments. Which were used to upgrade certain weapons and armor in the early days of the game. We will go through where you can get more Helium Filaments and what they are used for in this article.

What are helium Filaments?

Helium Filaments are a type of substance that is used to improve legendary and exotic weapons and armor. Helium Filaments can be obtained from Helium Coils, which can be found on the Moon at random locations.

How to get Helium Filaments Destiny 2?

We will show you how to obtain Helium Filaments in Destiny 2 today, so you may use them as needed. There is a simple method and two others that you should avoid if at all possible (but may be necessary in some cases).

Pay a visit to your Spider.

The Tangled Shore’s Spider is a commercial monster. He knows where to find stuff, and if you are lucky, he could have what you need. To see if the Spider has any Helium Filaments for sale, pay a visit to him. He may ask for Glimmer or Legendary Shards, depending on the day. By far, the simplest method of obtaining Helium Filaments is to use this method.

Keep an eye on your Season Pass for a Destination Resource Bundle to drop.

On occasion, you will get a Destination Resource Bundle from the Destiny 2 Season Pass. This grants you 50 of each Planetary Material in the game. Which may be enough Helium Filaments for that upgrade or weapon you want to purchase. The issue with this strategy is that a bundle drop may not coincide with when you need those Helium Filaments. If you have some time left on the Season Pass before hitting a tier with a Destination Resource Bundle. It could be a good idea to spend it somewhere else.

If you are short on Glimmer and Legendary Shards and do not have a Destination Resource Bundle on the horizon. You can obtain helium filaments using the methods listed below.

Opening loot containers on the Moon, performing Daily Heroic Story Missions, turning in Patrol or Queen’s Wrath bounties. Or opening Judgment’s Grant packages can all earn players Helium Filaments. They can be acquired for Vanguard Marks or Crucible Marks at a rate of 10 Marks for 20 Helium Filaments from the Vanguard Quartermaster or the Crucible Quartermaster, respectively. Helium Filaments are kept in the player’s inventory once they have been obtained. A single stack can hold up to 200 Helium Filaments until a new stack is created.

Let’s Find Helium Filaments

Look for a Ghost shell with the perk “Resource Detector”. To display resource nodules within 30 meters on the HUD when farming other planetary resources. Unfortunately, there is no “Moon Resource Detector” perk. So keeping your eyes and ears open is the only way to locate helium filaments destiny 2 stacks.

Look for glowing orange things off to the side near walls or buildings, and listen for the distinctive “tinkle” sound chests, Jade Rabbit figures, and other valuables make when you get close enough. Keep a watch out for helium filaments, as well as Glimmer and other commodities, in chests all around the Moon.

  • You can take Eris Morn’s bounties, and depending on which ones you accept. You’ll be awarded with Helium Fragments and possibly other items. (You can take as many bounties as you like per day.)
  • Helium filaments destiny 2 can also be obtained by picking up Helium Coils and extracting them. Thereby increasing your stockpile of the material.
  • Because Helium Coils are a Planetary Resource, they can only be obtained on the Moon. You can get them by participating in a variety of events, the most popular of which being Lost Sectors.
  •  Helium filaments can be looted from chests or picked up from the ground in Destiny 2. Albeit they appear at random places and are difficult to find.

You should have little trouble acquiring the resources you need for most jobs if you play this game regularly enough. They are merely another form of currency to keep track of in that way. However, if you do find yourself in a funk, perhaps the following information will help.

Helium Core Spawn’s Location

The bulk of Helium Core spawn locations on the Moon are Archer’s Lane, Sorrow’s Harbor, and Anchor of Light. Helium Cores can also be found in Lost Sectors, and they frequently respawn. Allowing you to finish the Lost Sector (which grants helium filaments) while also farming Helium Coils.

Filaments Destiny 2 are used in power cells ranging from a single fusion gun to the plants that keep The City running.

Helium Filaments application in Destiny 2

In Destiny mythology, Helium Filaments appear to be a type of power cell. They are thrown about in heaps on the moon in both Destiny and Destiny 2. In contrast to the Helium Filaments in Destiny 1. The helium filaments in Destiny 2 are only known to have one, minimal application.

The only known use of helium filaments destiny 2 is in the Tire Game. Tire Game, which can be found in the Moon’s Preserve region to the right of the offspring’s opinion. Requires firms to skeeball their way down a gradient into fleabags of various sizes.

While this may appear to be a waste of time, completionists will learn that there is a reason to spend their hard-earned Helium here: scoring a perfect game unlocks the secret Triumph “No Pressure.” You must place three tires in the ramp’s little center crater to accomplish this.

 Use of helium filament

  • Helium Filaments are mostly used in the trading of Phantasmal Fragments, which may be found in the Enchantment Lectern. Helium Filaments can be used to improve materials. And are even included in the price of Exotics purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights. The Lectern of Enchantment will trade 25 Helium Filaments for one Phantasmal Fragment if you have made enough progress in the Shadowkeep campaign and 20 of them for a Phantasmal Core.
  •  Certain NPCs in Destiny 2 accept Planetary Resources like helium filaments in exchange for certain of their products.
  • NPCs like Banshee-44 (in the Tower) and Spider (at Tangled Shore) will occasionally sell some of their belongings for Helium Filaments.

Use Helium Filaments to play Tire game

On the Moon, players must join Eris Morn in the Sanctuary. Weapons are prohibited in this area. A door with a console beside it is located near Eris Morn. Players will see one of two messages when approaching that console.

  • Play Tires Game  (5 Helium Filaments)
  • Helium Filaments Are not Enough (Requires 5)

On the Moon, Guardian can obtain Helium Filaments as a resource. Finding resource nodes or opening chests are two ways to do this. The Tire game can begin after the participants have accumulated five.  A tyre will roll out of the hole next to the console when the Tire Game starts. After then, players can rally around it and help it grow. The tyre should roll down the neighboring ramp and bounce into one of the holes at the bottom, preferably. A low, average, or high score will be provided when the game is finished. Apparently after rolling three tyres down the ramp. The middle crater appears to be the most valuable; therefore, Guardians who want to achieve a high score should concentrate on it. Five more Helium Filaments will be necessary if you want to play again.


How to Farm Helium Filaments?

 Go to the Moon, board your Sparrow, and begin looking for the Helium Coils you see overhead. Interact with them when you come across a stack to open them. You will be rewarded with Helium Filaments as a result of this. Helium Filaments can also be obtained by opening chests on the Moon.

How can I get helium filaments in Destiny 2 as fast as possible?

The most prevalent material found on the Moon is helium filament. Farming chests that emerge in random spots, as well as discovering standard Helium Filament spawn locations, are two ways to collect Helium Filament fastly.

How is helium mined?

Helium is mined in the same way as natural gas. Using a drill rig to drill down into the earth’s crust. A drill rig must first break through the Cap Rock layer before it can reach a natural gas Reservoir. Cryogenic separation machines compress the crude Helium before chilling it to subzero temperatures till it liquefies.

How Can Helium Filaments Be Redeemed?

The filaments must be located on the moon’s surface like any other planetary substance. Collecting five of these will allow you to activate the machine in Eris Morn. If you do this, a tyre will roll out of the machine, initially perplexing.

In Destiny 2, what exactly is the Lost Sector?

The fastest Legendary Lost Sector to harvest in Destiny 2 is Vales Labyrinth. With the right load-out and a little practice, you can finish this work in two minutes or less on Legend. Three to four minutes on Master.

In Destiny Beyond Light 2, where can I get helium filaments?

Helium Filaments can be obtained from Helium Coils, which can be found on the Moon at random locations. Opening loot containers on the Moon, performing Daily Heroic Story Missions, turning in Patrol or Queen’s Wrath bounties. Or opening Judgment’s Grant packages can all earn players Helium Filaments.

Where can I purchase helium filaments?

In exchange for 10 Legendary Marks, Roni 55-30 in the Tower Hangar will sell you twenty Helium Filaments. Helium Filaments are part of the Spider’s revolving stock of materials in Destiny 2. May be bought in batches of 5 for one Legendary Shard or 5,000 Glimmer.

What are the best ways to obtain Spinmetal Leaves in Destiny 2?

While in the Cosmodrome, you can get Spinmetal Leaves by doing the following. Chests to loot You can open chests everywhere across the Cosmodrome to get various items, including Spinmetal Leaves. Bounties must be completed before you may go on to the next level. Spinmetal Leaf Collecting Bringing Public Events to a successful conclusion. Patrols are performed.

Who is Spider in Destiny 2?

The Spider is the boss of the Tangled Shore’s Fallen crime gang. He is the Tangled Shore’s global seller and a strong. But merciless ally of the Reef’s Awoken and the Last City’s Guardians.

What is Eriana’s vow?

Eriana’s Vow is Destiny 2’s first unique ammo-using Hand cannon. It is named after Eriana-3, an Exo Warlock who swore revenge on Crota after the Battle of Mare Ibrium. Players may obtain the Season 8 Season Pass’s ornament for Wei at rank 100 of the premium track.

How to get ascending shards?

An Ascendant Shard will be dropped from the Lighthouse Chest if you win seven consecutive games without losing. Bungie does not make it easy for Guardians to collect Shards. Because they are a rare item with the best improvements. Players will quickly run out of resources if they stick to these activities.

Final thoughts

We hope you have accomplished all of your objectives and the different methods for your answer on how to obtain helium filaments in Destiny 2. We have included all of the relevant information in this guide. Once a player has acquired helium filaments, they are retained in their inventory. Before starting a new stack, a single stack of 200 Helium Filaments can be preserved. It squandered control lockups ranging from a single fusion gun to the florae that keep The City afloat. If you play this game often enough. You should have no trouble accumulating the materials you need to complete most chores. They are merely another currency to keep track of in that way. However, if you do find yourself in a funk, perhaps the following information will help. Thank you for your interest.

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