Hollow Knight Bosses: 24 Games You Would Love For Sure!

Hollow Knight Bosses

Despite being older, Hollow Knight bosses or Hollow Knight is still a great Metroidvania game. It would still be a good idea to check out the game if you haven’t already gotten a chance to do so. In addition, if you decide to give it a try, you’ll like to hold this quick guide close at hand because the game has a variety of bosses and it’s not always obvious which ones you should face first.

The Hollow Knight bosses who keep approaching you before you can move on can be dangerous. This game can occasionally be painful, but if you’re ready for the challenge, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable journey.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to list the hollow knight bosses that you will encounter at some point or another throughout the game.

1. False Knight – Forgotten Crossroads


The False Knight is probably the easiest boss in the entire game of Hollow Knight bosses and the one that most players will first run against. This hollow knight bosses fight is manageable without the aid of special powers like dashing or spells, however, they will make it considerably simpler.

The False Knight attacks by striking the ground with his enormous mallet, sending shockwaves that can be leaped over. The easiest strategy to deal damage is to land a few hits after evading and leaving because the swings are initially slow.

2. Gruz Mother – Forgotten Crossroads


A gate leading to a section of a deserted settlement is blocked by the Gruz. Although it is possible to possess the Mothwing Cloak and the Vengeful Spirit spell before facing the Gruz Mother. Additionally, fighting the Gruz Mother first does not require the use of either of these items.

The Gruz Mother charges directly at the Knight, soaring about, rebounding off the ceiling, and moving across the area. The best course of action when she strikes is to simply hit her as much as you can and run away.

3. Vengefly King – Greenpath


 Vengefly King only has two attacks: a charging assault, and a summoning call, making this battle rather simple. He will either rush the Knight, inflicting damage by dragging his mouth across the ground, or he will call in Vengefly foes to help him.

When he charges, the ideal tactic is to jump and pogo off his body to deal damage, then finish off the adversaries as quickly as you can.

4. Hornet Protector – Greenpath


You encounter a Hornet for the first time not long after you first enter Greenpath. By eliminating her, you can advance through the western portion of the area and acquire the Mothwing Cloak, which grants you the ability to sprint.

The ideal tactic is to dodge and jump over her lunges while gaining SOUL from nail hits.

5. Massive Moss Charger – Greenpath Pilgrim’s Way km


Along the Pilgrim’s Way, the path that leads to Fog Canyon, there is a Massive Moss Charger hollow knight boss. It should be emphasized that defeating this boss is not necessary to move on to the next section; instead, it is more of an adversary encounter.

It only has two attacks: Charge (in which it charges at you) and Belly Flop or Jump (in which it leaps out of the ground and attempts to land on you).

6. Mantis Loads – Fungal Wastes


You will only be facing one Mantis Lord hollow knight boss at the beginning of the battle. He’s about to unleash a boomerang assault when he clings to the side of the platform. If you’re lucky, you might get two attacks if you avoid it and sprint toward the Mantis. The sideways dash is the next maneuver and is most likely the simplest for scoring a hit. Simply jump and move towards them while keeping an eye on which direction the Mantis is facing. Then, slash them with a downward motion. Then, as soon as they pause after the attack, immediately slash for a second strike.

Finally, they leap into the air and launch a direct downward attack. After this strike, they teleport away, so as long as you dodge it, you’re free to launch a couple of attacks at them, hitting them ideally twice.

After eliminating the first Mantis Lord, you must repeat the process.

7. Soul Warriors – Soul Sanctum


In the Soul Sanctum, there are two Soul Warriors that you will run across. The first one guards the main entrance to the Soul Sanctum’s upper level, and the second one is only accessible with the Elegant Key.

The Soul Warrior will always teleport above the Knight to start each encounter with a downward slash. His primary attacks consist of the aforementioned downward slash, a dashing slash, and a soul energy orb that zeroes in on you.

8. Soul Master – Soul Sanctum


The biggest challenge with this boss is that he telegraphs each of his attacks differently, making it impossible to predict which one he will use next. Additionally, he frequently teleports throughout the arena.

The best course of action is to remain still and pay constant attention to the Soul Master. He then enters a second phase in which he frequently crashes into the ground and hovers while summoning orbs from all around the vicinity.

9. Dung Defender – Royal Waterways


The primary method of attack for the Dung Defender is tossing dung balls into the air, either one or several at a time, and occasionally even throwing himself into the mix. He may swim, approach the Knight while submerged and then suddenly burst forth to shoot smaller balls that break on hit. As soon as his health drops to half, he will growl, launching a series of burst attacks.

Use Desolate Dive to harm him when he is underground to best beat him. Keep track of where he is located beneath as well as the destinations of the balls.

10. Broken Vessel – Ancient Basin


The Broken Vessel follows after that. For the Monarch Wings skill to be available, this boss must be vanquished.

Keep your distance and be sure to combine spells with your nail assaults because the Broken Vessel is a moving target that is challenging to approach.

11. Enraged Guardian – Crystal Peak


The Crystal Guardian hollow knight boss will be seated on a bench when you first meet him. Defeating him will cause him to jump to the room above and change into the Enraged Guardian, which is the only way for you to sit on the bench yourself.

You cannot enter this room until you have defeated the Broken Vessel and obtained the Monarch Wings. After getting this item, you can come back to this area at any time, and taking down the Enraged Guardian earns you a Mask Shard.

12. Brooding Mawlek – Forgotten Crossroads


The Brooding Mawlek hollow knight boss marches across the arena continuously spitting up droplets of infection in a circle, occasionally spitting out a tremendous rain of blobs that fall on the side of the field the Knight is in.

Get a few strikes in, move away to dodge the blobs, and then jump or pogo over the Brooding Mawlek when it launches its blob rain attack. Keeping your distance from its claw, which slashes at you if you approach too close, is another incentive to move far after each attack.

13. Flukemarm – Royal Waterways


She solely attacks by producing Flukes from any of her body’s openings. There can only be six of them visible on the screen at once, and they appear at regular intervals.

The two most effective strategies are to concentrate on the Flukes to collect SOUL from them, then attack the Flukemarm with spells, or to simply hit the Flukemarm between spawns and pogo directly above to damage both her and any Flukes that approach you.

14. Traitor Lord – Queen’s Gardens


The Traitor Lord hollow knight boss will regularly charge towards you while swiping its enormous claws, jump and dive diagonally in your direction, and unleash either the Dancing Glaive or the Ground Pound attack. The Ground Pound generates giant shockwaves on either side while the Dancing Glaive sends two rotating orange blades in the direction of the Knight across the arena. You need a shade clock to defeat the traitor lord.

15. The Collector – Tower Of Love


The Collector will be bouncing around the arena continually, so you’ll have to follow him until he leaps into the roof and drops multiple jars full of various foes, such as Venegeflies, Buldurs, and Aspid Hunters.

You must deal with the enemies as quickly as you can because it is telegraphed where the jars will land. Additionally, keep an eye out for his sporadic grab attacks.

16. Hornet Sentinel – Kingdom’s Edge


With a few minor exceptions, Hornet Sentinel and Hornet Protector hollow knights bosses are nearly identical in terms of their attacks and behavior. She is now faster and has added Parry and Spike to her repertoire of abilities. While Spike enables her to call out numerous spike balls that remain in the air, Parry requires her to put up her nail and promptly counter when struck.

17. The Oblobbles – Colosseum of Fools


The Oblobbles hollow knight boss only engages in combat by floating around the arena and periodically launching a barrage of Infection blobs out of each of their body’s holes. It is quite simple to land a few solid hits before retreating to a corner to heal or escape the blobs because you can easily avoid them if you just keep your distance.

18. Watcher Knight – Watcher’s Spire


Six watcher knight hollow bosses will appear. They only have two attacks: swinging their huge nail at the Knight when they are nearby, and rolling or bouncing in their direction when the Knight is farther away. Avoid being surrounded by two Knights at once or sandwiched between them, and be careful to hop over their strikes to land blows and maintain your space. Spells can be highly beneficial as well, especially if you can damage two targets simultaneously.

19. Nosk – Deepnest


Nosk’s primary methods of attack involve charging at you, leaping three times throughout the arena platform, spitting massive blobs of Infection in a row from both sides of its body, and jumping towards the roof to shower down blobs of Infection.

Standing on the bottom margins of the center platform and jumping will let you mostly avoid the charge assault, and careful movement will let you mostly avoid the blobs. Spells and the Shade Cloak both have a lot of power against Nosk.

20. Uumuu – Teacher’s Archives


Two lightning-based assaults are the main methods of attack for the Uumuu hollow knight boss

Standing on the lowest platforms and fooling a path of electricity that accompanies you around the arena for six seconds will help you primarily dodge the minor electrical energy bursts that it can produce around the battlefield.

Up until Quirrel arrives to help you, its physique is totally impervious to all forms of harm. From there, hit it as often as you can with your nail and as many spells as you can cast, but have some SOUL handy for healing in case you accidentally step in the acid while dodging its assaults.

21. Hive Knight – The Hive


His lunge attack covers more than half the stadium, and he frequently somersaults into the air while leaping. His other attacks include teleporting behind you to slash, letting out a cluster of Hivelings from his mouth that continue even while he attacks, and letting out three spike balls that shoot stingers all across the arena.

With the right timing and Charm setup, you may evade his assaults. In this battle, the Shade Cloak is also your best ally.

22. God Tamer – Colosseum Of Fools


The Trial of the Fool in the Colosseum of Fools has a final boss called the God Tamer. By defeating them, you can unlock the Fool accomplishment and up to 3,024 Geo. It should be remembered that you can almost completely disregard the God Tamer herself if you can only fight the Beast. Shade clock and pogo off will help you defeat this hollow knight boss.

23. Hollow Knight – Forgotten Crossroads


The “last” boss in the game’s main narrative, the Hollow Knight, may only be encountered after you’ve eliminated all three Dreamers and gone back to the Temple of the Black Egg. Depending on how you do it, you’ll receive different endings for defeating them.

Hornet will stop your battle with the hollow knight boss and give you the choice of killing them or using the Dream Nail on them. If you never get the Void Heart, she doesn’t show up at all.

24. The Radiance – Forgotten Crossroads


Radiance is the actual last opponent in Hollow Knight. She is the moth tribe’s chief and a long-standing foe of the Void, which makes her a threat to the Knight and the other Vessels. Even though there are numerous approaches, defeating her is undoubtedly not simple.

Final Words

There it is—our comprehensive guide to every significant Hollow Knight boss. This should aid you in overcoming obstacles to reach the game’s conclusion. Making this list of Hollow Knight bosses was a time-consuming but rewarding process. In any case, it’s enjoyable to revisit this game, and I sincerely hope that this list has at least somewhat aided you in your exploration of Hollow Knight.

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