Undying DOTA 2: The Complete Guide


DOTA 2 is a game that has a very diverse cast which is assigned to different roles. Some characters are great for attacking, some are better at defense, and some of them are decent at a bit of everything.

Undying in DOTA 2 is a character that perfectly fits the role of a durable attacker. And his abilities also make him a great support player, since he is able to deal weakening blows to his opponents when needed.

Not only that, but Undying can even drain the life out of the enemy team and use it to heal others!

Knowing the basics of a character’s role is good, but it takes a lot more knowledge of their skills and abilities if you want to be a good player. The more things you already know about Undying, the better you can play as and against him – which can be life saving in one way or another.

We’re here to save your time by presenting a thorough guide that explains the important fundamentals of what makes Undying DOTA 2 a great character to have on your side! Let’s jump into it.


Undying’s Background and Role in DOTA 2


Undying is a zombie that no longer has memory of who he used to be. All he remembers is that he was a part of a battle which ended with the death of him and his brothers. Lost into darkness, they turned on each other as they had lost all feeling except hunger.

Eventually, the Dead God gave him the ability to rise once more on the land of the living. The price for this is endless war, more battles, more pain, and more death – only to rise all over again for the same fate once he falls.

Moving onto the gameplay side of things, Undying is a hero known for strength and his support abilities. He can attack enemies with brutal attacks that damage them a lot. And he can even steal their life force and then use it for himself and his allies.

And if you don’t want to heal anyone – you can corrupt the stolen life force and attack your opponents with it. He’s a great choice for those who want to be aggressive but still supportive of their teammates, which is something not every tank-ish character offers.

Undying’s Abilities


Undying in DOTA 2 is not overly versatile when it comes to his abilities. He is a hero focused on dealing damage and a little bit of support, so his abilities reflect that.

  • Decay – Using this ability, Undying steals strength from all enemies within an area. It deals base damage and gives Undying his enemy’s strength – which can then deal extra damage in the next attacks. On top of that, it even deals 2.0x damage to Creeps. Decay has an updated version too and it steals extra strength from the enemies.
  • Soul Rip – This ability allows Undying to steal health from all nearby enemies. Then, he can use that to heal himself and his allies. And if healing isn’t on your mind, Undying can corrupt the life he drained and use it to deal damage to his enemies too.
  • Tombstone – Through this ability, Undying summons a tombstone at the targeted place. Then, zombies constantly spawn next to enemy units within the area and attack them. On top of that, the zombies use the Deathlust ability to slow down the target after hitting them. And lastly, the zombies receive a speed boost if the enemy is on low health.
  • Flesh Golem – This ability transforms Undying into a large creature, which provides a boost to his attack power. Your enemy’s movement speed is slowed after getting hit and they receive more damage too. Flesh Golem has an updated version that reduces cooldown by 35.0 seconds. And a zombie spawns on each attack while Undying is transformed.

Undying’s Gameplay

Playing as Undying falls into two categories.

When playing a support role, you can use Flesh Golem and Tombstone to slow down your enemies. Then, when your partner is ready to get the kill – use Decay to help them go through safely.

But sometimes, your teammate fails to show up on time. In such a situation, simply use something like Soul Rip instead of Decay to get the kill. But this is mainly preferable if there are creeps around the enemy, since it will deal a lot more damage than usual that way.

When playing an aggressive role, you need to keep an eye on your mana. Because his skills are very spammable, in a good way. So, getting items like Arcane Boots is a great idea as they help you out with the mana problem.

And another good early-game item is Soul Ring, which essentially lets you use Decay for free.

Lastly, if you’re a bit of a tank player, you should follow the Tombstone/Flesh Golem spam technique. Then follow it up with Soul Rip whenever feasible. But the difference between playing this strategy when not being a support player are the items.

Equip yourself with Vanguard and Hood of Defiance as soon as possible. And then Rod of Atos and Heart of Tarrasque come next. These items will buff you up and give you more durability, which is essential as a tank player because enemies target you far more than usual.


Best Undying DOTA 2 Counters

If you’re fighting an Undying main, it’s crucial to know what heroes you can play as to counter him in DOTA 2.

  • Earthshaker – Zombies increase echo damage, so using Earthshaker’s Echo Slam when they are summoned is useful.
  • Grycopter – Flak Cannon helps Gyrocopter clear up zombies with ease.
  • Alchemist – Using Greevil’s Greed, the Alchemist can farm Tombstone zombies to get a lot of gold immediately.
  • Necrophos – Necrophos is almost a direct counter to Undying, since Reaper’s Scythe can finish him up as soon as his HP begins to fall. And then Heartstopper Aura does extra damage to Undying if he had gained strength from Decay – since it deals damage based on a hero’s maximum health.
  • Silencer – The Silencer can use Arcane Curse to deal a lot of damage to Undying, which will force him to not spam his abilities. Then Last Word and Global Silence can prevent Undying from gaining strength or using his healing abilities for up to 6 seconds.
  • Luna – Luna has Moon Glaives and Lunar Blessing that helps her destroy Tombstone. Equip her with Manta Style and this becomes even more effective. Lastly, Eclipse will attack only Undying even if he has zombies summoned around him.

Other characters worth noting are Death Prophet, Meepo, Chaos Knight, Spirit Siphon, Terrorblade, Invoker, Mirana, Sniper, and Huskar.

That’s it for our guide of Undying in DOTA 2! It should be kept in mind that DOTA 2 is a balanced game. So, even playing as counters might still give you a tough time. Especially if the Undying player you face is particularly good at the game.

Using counters will only let you have a better chance at fighting the enemy player. At the end of the day, the real victory always comes down to skill – whether it’s yours or your enemy’s.

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