The City And The Stars Outer Worlds [Explained]


In The City and the Star’s outer worlds, you are thieving some dimethyl sulfoxide for your old acquaintance Phineas Welles, but you are faced with a difficult decision. The Outer Worlds is a gripping story about corruption and death. The City And The Stars outer worlds are the names of one of the story’s most major adventures. In it, you strive to obtain Dimethyl Sulfoxide, a rare substance that Welles can utilize to help resurrect the Hope Colonists, per Welles’ orders.

You must steal it from the Board, which has a lot of it. The quest is not easy, and you will have to perform a lot of work to complete it. Here’s how you can finish the city and the stars outer worlds quest in its entirety.

The City and the Stars outer worlds are the main mission that leads to Phineas’ conclusion. It will take you across Byzantium to get the Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Phineas, and it will be quite a journey. If you want to complete as many quests as possible, do not agree to whatever Sophia Akande asks you to do at the end of the quest; you can make your final decision afterward. The city and the star’s outer worlds quest will start the first quest in the game’s last chapter, Kept Secret But Not Forgotten after it is completed.

Let’s start with the city and the stars outer worlds complete guide.

Meeting Phineas’ Contact

After completing Radio Free Monarch and speaking with Phineas at his lab, you will receive the city and the stars outer worlds quest from him. Phineas was able to track down a dimethyl sulfoxide hoard with Minister Clarke on Byzantium because of the information he received from Hiram. He will want you to break into the colony’s crown jewel and steal the supplies.

To meet with Carmen Imagawa, Phineas’ contact, travel to Byzantium’s Freight Port Landing Pad. When you arrive, chat with Ellie to obtain The Low Crusade, her companion quest. As you exit the ship, look to your right for Carmen Imagawa.

If you notice that she is calling Phineas “Phoenix,” you may have an entertaining talk about code names; otherwise, she will mention that the site is under strong protection from “Magpie” (Minister Clarke) and, if you investigate further, will offer you a clue on where the guards hang out. Your quest will be updated as a result of this change.

During the chat, she tells that the Minister is still living on his estate and that getting in will be difficult. She then recommends going to a local bar and snatching a key from the Minister’s guards.

Going To The Bar And Getting The Guard Drunk

Billingsly’s House Of Inebriation is the drinking establishment that you must visit. To reach there, enter via the door behind Phineas’ bird-obsessed contact and take the right way to an elevator. To get inside the city, take the lift up and walk down the main street. Gaze slightly to the right when you arrive in the central area to see the bar. When you walk into the premises, you will notice a security loitering near the bar. He divulges a lot about the Minister during your conversation with him.

He even talks about holding a key to the man’s home – he is not the most covert guard. “How about I buy you a drink to celebrate your promotion?” you might suggest when the occasion arises. He is looking for Spectrum Vodka, which you can get from the bar if you do not have any. You must give him two additional bottles after the first, and you may have to persuade him to take the final one. He would go into the next room after the drinks and collapse on the bench. Approach him, but make sure to close the door behind you so no one sees what you are going to do. To obtain the key, loot the man while he sleeps.

Entering The Minister’s Manor

Leave Billingsly’s House Of Inebriation through the door to the right of the bar to reach the Minister’s residence. Turn left as you walk down the road. Down that road is the tower you are looking for. You will be stopped from walking through the door by a guard stationed in front of it. There are various methods to go inside the house in The City and the Stars Outer Worlds.

Sneaking In The Back

A small opening in the fence may be found to the left of the front door, leading to a clearly restricted area. Pass through and turn around to the back entrance, which is without any guards. You can go straight inside if you have the key from the inebriated guard. However, be cautious since the intruders will attack if they see you.

Taking On The Role Of A Delivery Man

You can find out if the Minister is expecting a parcel by speaking with the front door guard. Pretending to be the delivery person is also a smart approach to gaining access. You must, however, first obtain the package.

 Next, you must travel to the Halcyon Parcel Service, which is located next door to the tavern mentioned previously. You can obtain the desired packet in two methods. To persuade Olive Yates to hand over the package, use the following strategies: You can speak with Olive Yates at the counter if you enter the Postal Service through the main entrance. Mention and request the Minister’s package. She will refuse, and you will have to go through a lengthy procedure in order to receive the package. Use the intimidate or persuade dialogue choices to persuade her to hand over the parcel when the time arrives.

Break Into The Storage Room With A Lockpick:

For this one, go to Billingsly’s House Of Inebriation’s back entrance (near the street leading to the Minister’s house). There are steps in the location that leads to a lower level beneath the bar. The Halycon Parcel Service has its back entrance down there. Use your lockpick on the door right in front of you once you have gotten inside. The parcel that the Minster has is kept in this storage area. Return to the entrance guard with the package and tell him you have received the Minister’s package. You will then be allowed to pass by the guard.

Talk to Minister Clarke

You must talk with the Minister, regardless of how you enter his residence. As a result, take the stairwell to the left and enter the room. Whether or not you are allowed to enter the building determines how tough it is to find him. There will be plenty of intriguing things to learn from the Minister’s chat. Finally, he will point you in the direction of the chairman’s office at HHC headquarters.

How to Enter the HHC Building

During your conversation with the Minister, he discusses passing through the Maintenance Tunnels to get to the Acropolis District (where the HHC building is located). You must enter Billingsly’s House Of Inebriation to do so. There you will identify the location because it is in the same area as The Halcyon Parcel Service’s back door. You can get to it by entering the pub through the rear door and taking the steps down. An elevator leads to the tunnels from that point. Once inside, proceed to the opposite end and select the door to get access to the elevator that will transport you to the district. The HHC building, located near the southwest edge of the map in the Acropolis district, is the large one.

Get Access to the Chairman’s Office

You can go behind the front desk to the guard checkpoint once you have arrived at HHC headquarters. You will have to battle to get to the checkpoint if you have enraged the guards in any way. The Guard Bachmeyer will first prevent you from passing, but you can present him the HHC access card that the Minister provided you with. The PLayer can utilize the elevator in the back of the room once you have cleared the checkpoint.

You will now be in a posh hotel with a reception desk and three rooms. You want to enter the center one because it houses the Chairman’s Quarters, but you do not have permission. Instead, go to the left-hand chamber and enter with your card. Fortunately, you may enter the Chairman’s Quarters through a huge hole in this office.

Print a keycard using the terminal on his desk. You can also look over the files, which are rather intriguing. You will see an intriguing video after you finish making the keycard. After that, you must go from the quarters. You will be approached by a man once you have done so. Simply tell him you are impressed by the architecture and he will return his seat. The Ministry of Accuracy and Morale is your next stop.

Getting Access To The Ministry’s Restricted Area

Turn left after leaving HHC headquarters and enter the building at the end of the street. You have been transferred to the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale. Your goal is to go to the building’s back elevator. Unfortunately, most individuals are unable to access that rear region. A guard stands on the right of the stairwell, preventing you from entering. However, there are a few options.

Use a Board ID:

You may already have one, as they are available at various locations such as the maintenance tunnels. The guard will allow you to pass if you do so.

Use intimidation:

You can show the guard your keycard if he challenges your clearance. It will not work, but if your levels in those areas are high enough, you can follow up with Intimidation of a Lie.

Make a U-turn:

On the opposite side of the room, there is another entry to the back section. You can just go through it, but there are lots of guards lurking behind it who will attack sight.

Persuade Someone to Help You:

The HR office is in front of you if you turn left off the stairs and then left again. Access the terminal on the desk once you have entered the room. You will be able to view an employee complaint if you do so. After that, go upstairs to the kitchen and look for the purple-haired individual who wrote it. Tell her you forgot to submit your ID, and she will believe you. Follow her downstairs to watch how she tells the guard to let you in. After that, you are free to go wherever you want in that limited restricted region.

Assassinate All:

If they are all dead, there is nobody to stop you. However, it will tarnish your board’s image.

If you do not wish to receive a Board ID beforehand, you can take the elevator back there to get to the lab.

Obtaining A Board Identification Number

The game’s different ID cartridges are excellent concealment tools. The Board ID will come in handy in the city and the stars outer worlds quest’s next level. You can get an ID in the restricted area you just entered if you do not already have one. It is in the right-hand room, and you will need to pick the lock with a lockpick. There is also an ID in the locker room, which is on the right side of the lab.

Transferring Dimethyl Sulfoxide

To fill up the canister in the room, use the connection besides the Dimethyl Sulfoxide chamber. You have the option of transferring the entire amount or roughly a fourth of it. Taking it all kills everyone inside the tanks, but it gives Phineas more gas to use on Hope’s people (it changes the ending a little, but it is ultimately your decision). If you take the entire solution, the test subjects will suffocate). Exit the room with the container. Return to Welles at this time.

Outside the room, take the Dimethyl Sulfoxide and depart through the barred exit door. You will be taken straight to the elevator. To get out of the lab, take the elevator up. You are near the end of the city and the stars outer worlds quest.

Return to Phineas

To finish The City and the Stars outer worlds, visit Phineas’ Lab and speak with him. Ask him to finish the city and the stars outer worlds quest. Phineas will see how serious the situation with the Board is and will pressure you to do action. He will want you to micro-skip the Hope to Terra 2, so Phineas can begin resurrecting scientists on board.

Bottom line: The city and the stars outer worlds

This is all about the city and the stars outer worlds quest. From this guide, you can seek help to finish the city and the stars outer worlds quest. The city and the stars’ outer worlds are a long and challenging adventure with several potential pathways to consider. We have tried to cover all of the possible pathways for you in this search for the city and the stars outside worlds guide.

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