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Finding an answer to “Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?” is not difficult because we have covered everything related to this topic.

Games that can be played across several platforms have long been in demand. If you are one of the gamers that want their favorite games to be cross-platform, then you need to hear this.

These days, a growing number of game creators want to release their games not only on the platform for which they were initially intended but also on others. In our guide, we will discuss “Is gang beasts cross-platform?”

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? 

Gang Beasts is a popular game. Gamers are looking for “Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform.”

In case you were unaware, Gang Beasts is a somewhat strange game that, as far as the gaming industry is concerned, appears to have existed since the beginning of time. Before it was even made available on the PS4 on December 12th, 2017, it was launched on the PC in 2014.  

The primary and final concern, however, exists. Is gang beasts cross-platform? It’s finally time to receive an answer to this topic, which has been keeping far too many gamers up at night. We are going to discuss this question in our guide in more detail, as well as the platforms on which this game is even cross-platform. Is gang beasts cross-platform? 

What Is Cross-Platform Gang Beasts Gaming? 

Gang beasts Cross-platform gaming is the notion of a game that is accessible across various platforms and can be played by players using multiple devices.

This implies that you can play gang beast games with others no matter what kind of hardware, operating system, or installed native software they have on their PC. In an online game, for instance, PC and PS5 players can face off against each other despite having entirely different gaming platforms. The question arises, “Is gang beasts cross-platform?”


Gang Beasts Cross Platform: Quick Introduction

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer beat-them-up party game created and released by Double Fine Productions. The game’s goal is to use your character’s fighting techniques on other players to the point where they eventually pass out or become disabled. Even their grades would fall sharply.

Those who enjoy playing Gang Beasts can even choose to take additional spawned goods like weapons or health packs, or they can punch and throw their opponents.

Whichever character you choose to play as the controls are always the same: a controller for your left hand (or keyboard) that has four buttons assigned with different actions, such as punching, grabbing, fainting players, etc.; and a second controller for your right hand that controls your movement in first-person mode.

Players may wonder if Gang Beasts can be played on numerous consoles and gaming platforms, such as the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Linux, and PC. Let’s find out “Is Gang Beasts cross-platform” without further ado.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between PC And Xbox? 

When it was reported that Gang Beasts would support cross-play between Xbox and the Microsoft Store beginning July 1, 2021, the game finally displayed the first encouraging indicators regarding cross-play. It’s important to note that only the game’s Microsoft Store version acquired this feature; the Steam version did not.

The Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S game consoles, as well as PC players, can all play Gang Beasts together. The Xbox Game Pass now offers Gang Beasts; thus, subscribers to that program do not need to pay an additional fee to acquire the game.

Gang Beasts is an Xbox Play Anywhere game in addition to being available on Game Pass.

Therefore, if you purchase Gang Beasts on Xbox, you will receive the PC version for free. The reverse is true: purchasing Gang Beasts on PC also grants you access to the Xbox version.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between Xbox Series X/S And Xbox One? 

Even though the game wasn’t previously cross-compatible with Xbox One and the Series X/S, things improved after the announcement in June 2021. Players can now play Gang Beasts on Xbox platforms from both generations.

It may seem logical that cross-play should be possible for these two as the same version of the game is operating on two consoles that are part of the same platform. However, the way things are now, even enabling this functionality takes a long time.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between PS4 And Xbox? 


Sadly, there is currently no cross-play functionality between these two devices. For a game like Gang Beasts, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation are some of the best systems because they enable controller support and allow for comfortable couch play.

However, users of PlayStation and Xbox currently have to settle for playing just with other gamers in their local network. The publishers who offer cross-play functionality across the two different types of devices may make improvements over time.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between PC And PS4?

Currently, there is no cross-play compatibility between the PS4 and PC versions of the game. For developers and publishers, cross-platform support between PC and consoles is a difficult problem to solve because of the disparate system designs.

To facilitate cross-play on their platforms, PS frequently charges a hefty price to game publishers and developers. For a small indie studio like Boneloaf, this additional expense may be costly. As a result, cross-play between PC and PS4 has not yet happened.

As things stand, cross-platform gaming between PC and PlayStation is not currently planned. Therefore, PlayStation and PC users must use other platforms to share in the magnificence of Gang Beasts.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between PS4 And PS5?

The game has no distinct PS5 version. On the upcoming Sony platform, the PS4 version can be played without any problems. However, PS4 and PS5 players cannot interact with one another regarding cross-platform play.

Even consoles from the same platform that do not support cross-play are frustrating for the player base. As a result, the number of players drops as some fans are compelled to stop playing.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-platform between Nintendo Switch And Other Platforms?

The Nintendo Switch and other systems can both play Gang Beasts.

On the Nintendo Switch, Gang Beasts is a tonne of fun, but you can only play it with other Switch owners. The Switch does not support cross-play.

Thus, if you play Gang Beasts on the Nintendo Switch, you are unable to engage in online combat with users of the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Is Gang Beasts cross-platform Between Mac And Other Platforms? 

Although the Mac is known for having a weak gaming system, Apple users are not cut off. Gang Beasts can be played on Macs using Steam with Windows PCs by other gamers.

However, with consoles, it’s an entirely different story. Gaming console gamers on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch cannot be joined in Gang Beasts matches by Mac users. However, having access to the PC audience is still preferable to having no access to the player community as a whole.

Reason For Gang Beasts’ Lack Of Cross-Platform Support

There are a few challenges in creating a cross-platform game, despite the fact that they attract a larger user base and a more diverse audience.

Creating a game for a single platform is far easier and less expensive than creating one for several systems.

Games that were initially created with no aim of becoming cross-platform must be recorded using standard code that can operate on all platforms, especially for those games. The developers may find this to be quite expensive and time-consuming.

A game’s cross-platform development also involves political and marketing ploys. A console dominating global sales would never want a fun designed for it to be played on one of their rivals’ consoles.

Therefore, these are the reasons why we won’t be able to play Gangs Beasts on all platforms.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in the future?

Gang Beasts is not currently cross-platform compatible. The cross-platform capability will be added in the upcoming update, according to the Gang Beasts creator. Another point is that the Gang Beasts will not bring cross-platform functionality for all platforms.

The PS4 players, for instance, won’t be able to compete with Xbox One and other platforms. However, Xbox One users and PC players can also play against one another.

The players are overjoyed to learn about this upgrade and cannot wait for the upcoming game release. This is because Gang Beasts’ cross-platform nature has several advantages, such as:

  • Even if the players’ friends are on several platforms, they can still play together.
  • People who wish to try Gang Beasts for the first time might be unsure about which system will work best for them. They won’t need to purchase a console because cross-platforms let them determine the best system for them.
  • Players from various platforms can compete with one another so that the game will be more intensely competitive.
  • In addition, the likelihood of concurrent Gang Beasts play is increased.
  • Since there won’t be a need for separate versions for each system, the developer will be able to release changes more quickly.
  • Due to the lack of separate hardware for various platforms, the developer will also save money.

Final Words 

Is Gang Beasts cross-platform? is a question that we sincerely hope we were able to address in this article. Other platforms are not yet compatible with it.

Gang Beasts will soon have a cross-platform function! Except for PS4 and PS5, gamers from different platforms will be able to play together in Gang Beasts’ upcoming update.

This blog post on “Is Gang Beasts cross-platform in 2023?” was fun, and we hope it was interesting to you.

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