Dead by Daylight Maps [Updated In 2022]


Survival in Dead by Daylight is not simple. Unlike action games, you can’t simply shoot your way out of tense situations. You have to strategize your way around Dead by Daylight maps and use everything at your disposal to stay alive.

There are 37 maps in the game, and they are a part of 17 realms in total. Most of the realms have variable maps which are randomly selected by the game. This is a great way of keeping things fresh and challenging without having to oversaturate the game with different environments.

The differences within maps are generally related to the area, where certain objects are, and what you can use to survive. Some maps take place within the same realm visually. But everything inside from the environment to objects necessary for progression can vary.

It’s important to be familiar with all of the game’s maps in order to be good at survival. So, let’s take a look at all of the Dead by Daylight maps and what you need to know about them.

All Dead by Daylight maps

The context for matches in the game is that the characters experience trials. A mysterious ‘Entity’ can manipulate these realms at will. The Realms are semi-procedural, so Generators, Chests, Lockers, Totems, and Exit Gates are often in changing locations.

The looks, atmosphere, and lore of every Realm are always the same. And there are a limited number of map variations that each Realm has too. However, item placement is still not pre-determined for many things.

The MacMillan Estate – Dead by Daylight maps


The MacMillan Estate consists of 5 maps and has an industrial theme. It’s one of the most infamous maps in terms of looping, so expert survivors give killers a hard time.

Autohaven Wreckers – Dead by Daylight maps


Autohaven Wreckers consists of 5 maps and has the theme of a junkyard. This is one of the most balanced Dead by Daylight maps according to the community. That is because it’s a map that allows both survivors and killers to utilize the environment against each other.

Coldwind Farm – Dead by Daylight maps


Coldwind Farm consists of 5 maps and has a farm theme. It’s considered one of the best Dead by Daylight maps in the game and is used quite often within the game’s automated rotation.

IIt’s pretty balanced thanks to its environment, which has enough to help out both the killers and survivors. For example, the wheat fields help survivors hide from the killer. And on the other hand, it’s not a complicated map, so killers can easily track survivors around generators.

Crotus Prenn Asylum – Dead by Daylight maps


Crotus consists of 2 maps and, as the name implies, has an Asylum theme. The indoors of this map are more beneficial for the survivors thanks to its environment. Whereas the outdoors is better for killers since it provides survivors less options.

Eventually, it’s considered a balanced map and players have to explore both indoor and outdoor sections for an equal amount due to generator placement.

Haddonfield – Dead by Daylight maps


Haddonfield consists of only 1 map and has a suburban theme. Unlike some other maps, it does not have a distinctive color filter.

It’s a very casual map that is very welcoming for newcomers. And its hook placement is in a way that makes it easy to escape them too, since the environments are a bit open. But the open environments aid the killer too, which balances things out.

Backwater Swamp – Dead by Daylight maps


Backwater Swamp consists of 2 maps and is set in a swamp theme. This map is quite large and that makes it a bit confusing to navigate. However, if survivors are careful, this map is advantageous for them.

Because of the length of the map, killers can’t hunt the survivors if they spread out.

Léry’s Memorial Institute – Dead by Daylight maps


Léry’s Memorial Institute consists of only 1 map and has a mental hospital theme. This map has short environments and that works to the advantage of killers. However, there are several alternative routes available that have interconnecting rooms.

So, the survivors pose a challenge for the killer too if they learn how to navigate.

Forsaken Boneyard – Dead by Daylight maps


The Forsaken Boneyard consists of only 1 map and has a theme of a ruined graveyard in a sandy environment. It’s a very open map with few distractions available. This makes it very advantageous for killers since they can find survivors very easily.

Especially since the map has a lot of light in it, compared to other maps which are darker.

Raccoon City – Dead by Daylight maps


Raccoon City consists of only 1 map, which is based on the iconic police station from Resident Evil 2. The police station is quite large and it’s one of the most confusing maps in the game for killers and survivors alike.

That being said, having a maze-like structure gives the map balance. Because survivors have many places to hide but cannot have proper teamwork. Whereas killers have to work extra hard to find survivors, but once they do, they can easily single them out.

Silent Hill – Dead by Daylight maps


Silent Hill consists of only 1 map and is based on the iconic Midwich Elementary School from the first Silent Hill game. It’s a balanced map for both killers and survivors because it has a lot of things that players can utilize.

However, it’s slightly more advantageous for killers because of how maze-like the map is. Because complicated maps make it very difficult for survivors to save each other from hooks in Dead by Daylight.

Grave of Glenvale – Dead by Daylight maps


Grave of Glenvale consists of 1 map and is set in a Wild West theme. As such, it has a brown primary color palette. This map is particularly popular within the community for two reasons. The first reason is its unique theme, which is a nice break from the otherwise gloomy locations.

The second reason is that it’s pretty balanced for both survivors and killers. There are many tools within the environment that every type of player can use against each other.

Red Forest – Dead by Daylight maps


Red Forest consists of 2 maps and is set in a boreal forest theme. This is a primarily outdoor map, but with enough tools for survivors to thrive. There are many things to hide behind and it’s not that difficult to evade the killer in the forest.

Thus, it’s a bit of an unbalanced map that works to the disadvantage of the killers.

Springwood – Dead by Daylight maps


Springwood consists of 5 maps and has a school district theme, which is based on a location from the iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street series. It’s visually similar to the Haddonfield realm, so it can be hard to tell apart in the start of a trial.

Springwood is a large map which has many places to navigate through. For example, having many structures separates it and it has basement floors too. This can prove to be frustrating for killers because there are too many places to check. Thus, it’s an advantageous map for survivors.

Gideon Meat Plant


The Gideon Meat Plant consists of 1 map and is based on an iconic location from the SAW movie series. It has a factory-based theme and a color pallet that is a mix of grey and white.

This map is difficult to navigate and its balance is a bit complicated to talk about. Early on, killers might find it easier to explore the map, which puts survivors at a disadvantage.

But the survivors can turn the tide by playing the map a bunch of times. So, it falls down to whether the killer is more experienced or if the survivors are. Whoever has played more, will have an advantage.

Lastly, the map feels balanced if both sides have equal skill.



Ormond consists of only 1 map and is set in a Canadian ski resort theme. It has a light-blue sky, which acts as a filter for the map and it’s a bit on the bright side.

Ormond is a bit more advantageous for survivors than it is for killers. The generator placement does not change very often. And players can use many tools within the environment for evasion. Its open space helps killers navigate without much effort, but it’s a map survivors loop easily.

Yamaoka Estate


The Yamaoka Estate consists of 2 maps and is set in a Japanese-themed family estate. It has a unique primary color palette which consists of a skybox that is a mix of deep magenta and blue accents.

Yamaoka Estate is a bit more advantageous for survivors than it is for killers. That is because its indoor and outdoor environments allow killers to spread out. And the trees that can be located outside of the house are great for breaking the killer’s line of sight too.

Stealthy killers are a different story. Just like the survivors, they can also use the greenery and fog within the map to hide themselves. And when the moment is right, they can strike.

Hawkins National Laboratory

Although Dead by Daylight has some other unused maps too, the Hawkins National Laboratory is an exception. That is because this map was fully playable as part of the Stranger Things chapter. But due to copyright reasons, it’s no longer in the game.

It consisted of only 1 map and was set in a laboratory theme.



These are all of the realms of the Dead by Daylights maps. If you’ve read through the entire guide, you now know how the maps work. Some of them are more useful for killers, some of them are more useful for survivors. And some of them are equally fair for both.

Now, go ahead and let The Entity decide your fate! In other words, play the game and have a great time.

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