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Following A Slip of the Tongue, LA Noire The Fallen Idol is one of several cases handled by the Traffic desk. Our LA Noire tutorial and walkthrough are highly recommended if you are looking for guidance elsewhere. If not, here’s how to finish LA Noire The Fallen Idol. One of the first cases that have more complex action skips and a tough ending which, once you figure it out, has a significant payoff.

LA Noire The Fallen Idol Crime Scene: Cliff is located next to Central Police Station.

Leave the Police Station

The mission briefing is over, so leave the police station and go to the adjacent crime site. To get there, you can always let your spouse drive or use him as a GPS.

Crash Site

The responding officer at the crash site explains what occurred. After speaking with the first officer, descend to the crash site, which is situated below the cliff. You only need to proceed down the route that runs down the cliff’s eastern face.

You will be given some evidence about the car’s trunk by the coroner. Along with the clue “underwear”, you will also find the clue “letter from mother” in the purse next to the underwear. The car’s interior and the license plate on the ground are both visible, but they do not provide any further information.

The coroner will provide you with the hint if you speak with him, so do it now. The clue isPop Shrunken Head. It is time to ask the victim for more details now that everything is down here.

Interrogate June Ballard

Locate June Ballard, the victim, seated in the back of an ambulance by going back up the hill. Begin posing inquiries:

  • Select “Doubt” for the doping allegation. She will not mention Mark Bishop again.
  • Choose “Lie”, then utilize the cue: “Injured female traveler”. As proof, underwear.
  • Fake shrinking head > Pick “Doubt”.
  • Select Doubt when you suspect Mark Bishop.

At the Crash Site, once you have answered all of your queries, there is nothing more to discover or learn. Visit the other victim at the medical center.

Central Receiving Hospital

You can ask the receptionist at the Central Receiving Hospital where the girl is staying, and she will be sure to inform you. You can ask the doctor in the hallway for the clue: Evidence of abuse, before entering the room. After that, enter the girl’s chamber. The clue can be updated: By gazing at her chart at the foot of her bed, abuse was evident.

Interrogate the girl

Then you can start asking the girl questions:

  • Report on the Crash Incident: Accuse (or Lie in the original version). Underwear is proof.
  • Speaking to the parents: Charge (or Lie in the original version). A letter from the mother is proof.
  • Bad Cop is connected to Bishop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Good Cop: Criminal Abuse Evidence (or Truth in the original version).

The cutscene can be skipped when the interrogation is over by leaving the room. The mission to follow June Ballard’s vehicle will now begin.

You will be put in the car without having to wait for the cutscene. In order to fail the tailing, turn on the siren and follow her. Ask Bekowsky to take you to Mark Bishop’s flat after you have skipped.

Bishops Apartment

When you go to the apartment block, walk inside and ask the receptionist where the apartment is. Ascend the elevator to the apartment. You will be greeted by Mrs. Bishop, after which you must look for hints. In this apartment, there are a lot of things you can look at, but not all of them are hints. Here are some hints.

  • You can discover the clue in the first bedroom: On the ground was a $20k check.
  • You may locate the clue right outside the chamber, by the door that is Saddle.
  • In the second room on the left are a movie set photograph and a movie set replica.
  • Prop Shop On the table next to Mrs. Bishop is a picture.

Interrogate Bishop

  • Domestic Disturbance: Response doubt –Bad Cop
  • Whereabouts of Bioshop: Truth –Good Cop
  • Check for $20k: Doubt /lie – Bad cop
  • Accuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt – Bad cop

To find the prop shop, call the number on the phone that is right there. Return to your starting point and have Bekowsky take you to Silver Screen Props.

Silver Screen Props

Once there, walk inside Silver Screen Props to speak with Marlon Hopgood. He will walk you behind Silver Screen Props through the store to the sound stage. Start seeking out hints. You can locate the Clue: chloral hydrate, on the shelves to the right of the stage.

Investigate the mirror on the side of the stage opposite the stage to find a room there. Step outside the sound stage building and turn left. Some work tables are present. On one of the tables, there is a newspaper. Clue: Prop shrunken head molds are located on the table to the left of the table that has the newspaper on it.

Examine the bookcases in the hidden camera room to obtain the clue: a reel of film. Another clue: an empty film canister, which is located on the table to the right of the bookcases.

Interrogate Hopgood

Go back to the opposite side of the sound stage building after discovering these hints. It is time to interrogate Hopgood:

  • Association with Bishop: Response Lie –Accuse.
  • Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth – Good cop
  • Relationship with Ballard: Lie – Accuse
  • Evidence of Blackmail: Response Lie – Accuse.

After questioning Hopgood, a cutscene depicts you attempting to bring Hopgood in, but the Vice Desk appears and informs you that Hopgood is an informant and you are not permitted to do so. An automobile pursuit follows. Follow the hunt to the “Jungle Drums” Set.

Jungle Drums Set

Bishop is located at “Jungle Drums” Set with a group of gunmen. Without putting him or yourself in danger, you must help Bishop leave the set. Get Bishop off the set and kill every baddie. Thus, the case is over.

Bottom Line

This is all about LA Noire The Fallen Idol case. A comprehensive overview of the cases in LA Noire The Fallen Idol, including information on where to locate newspapers, where to find evidence, and what inquiries to make of potential suspects.

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