Amazing Campfire Games To Enjoy At Your Next Outing!


A campfire with your family and friends is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors. While sitting around the fire is a worthwhile activity, you will undoubtedly want some campfire games available to keep everyone amused and happy. If you have a few entertaining campfire games, you can quickly transform a quiet evening spent talking by the fire into a memorable one.

So, if you are considering how to make your subsequent camping trip even more memorable, take a look at these campfire games.  We have compiled a list of campfire games in this guide that even the most reluctant campers will find entertaining and sure to make the day a joy.

Campfire Games To Get Everyone Laughing On Your Next Camping Trip


Once Upon A time

This campfire game offers young people the chance to showcase their storytelling talents and is ideal for those with a lot of creativity.

Building a story together from scratch is the goal of this game.

Using “Once upon a time…” as a jumping-off point, the first participant will come up with a single sentence to begin the tale.

The task of delivering the story will then rotate around the group, with each participant adding a new line. There is no conclusion to this game, so the narrative can go on as long as anyone likes; however, laughter will undoubtedly follow.


Any size party will enjoy the timeless campfire game of charades.

Then, split the players into two teams. Each team begins with one player acting out a word or phrase without speaking. They must act out something, and the other team members must guess what it is. They receive points for accurate guesses. If not, the opposing team has an opportunity to hazard a guess.

When one team correctly guesses the word or phrase, the following team member performs another. The game goes on until each player has taken a turn. Or until the designated scoring limit is reached by one team.

I Spy

For both children and adults, I spy is a good campfire game. The objective is to locate the item that the other person has mentioned. To begin the game, one person says, “I spy with my eye something—beginning with a letter!” And finally, you skillfully describe the item. The remaining party guests must then speculate on the particular subject.

They get to take the next turn if they make the right guess. If not, the first individual gets to provide a second hint. Use nearby items, such as trees, stones, leaves, etc., as a starting point. It is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with loved ones and appreciate the outdoors.


Hammerschlagen or Stump

These two campfire games entail using hammers to hit nails while drinking, so they are probably not appropriate for a family camping trip. Players try to use the wedge end of a blacksmith’s hammer to drive their nail into the flat of a tree stump in the game of Hammerschlagen.

The stump game can be played with a standard hammer and involves players aiming to hit the opponent’s nail. The catch is that they have to flip, catch, and hit the hammer all at once. With a beer in hand, both games are undoubtedly more enjoyable.

The Norwegian Bucket Game

If you have a sizable group of super-fit campers, this campfire game is terrific. First, you will need to build a tower that can be easily knocked down and is low enough to be stepped over; buckets piled end to end work well for this. Once you have formed a tight circle around the tower, hold hands.

The objective is to pull and push the circle until someone bumps the tower and forces it to crumble or players release their grip on one another. Since those players are no longer in the game, the circle gets smaller, the tower is rebuilt, and the fun keeps on until a winner is declared or someone is harmed.


The campfire game, fortunately,/unfortunately, is enjoyable. It works well for both big and small groups. It starts with an easy idea. The players begin by improvising a story as a group. One line is added at a time by the players. There is a catch, though.

One individual begins by sharing a tale with “fortunately” as the first word. Unfortunately, the subsequent sentence then begins. The following phrase then starts with, fortunately, and so forth

As long as they keep adding to the narrative, players can maintain the trend for as long as they like.

The cadence of the game is similar to non-fiction authors’ writing prompts. But this time, it applies to everyone, likewise besides the campfire.


Train Sound

A fun activity to do with friends or family over the campfire is the sound train game. This campfire game is easy. One participant begins by making a sound, followed by the player to their left, creating a sound based on the previous sound, and so on in a circle.

The objective is to produce a seamless transition of sounds from one individual to the next. It can be challenging to achieve the unbroken sound! But it is this that makes the game so enjoyable. The group can offer advice or ideas to anyone who gets stuck. If a mistake is made, it will be done in good humor.

The train must continue to move forward. That’s all!

20 Questions

The campfire game Twenty Questions is ideal for players of all ages. It starts with a straightforward idea. One player thinks of any object in his mind; the other players take turns asking questions to try to identify the things that one player has in mind. The person who asks the twentieth question gets to make the item guess.

The game can be played in several ways, but the most crucial requirement is that every question must be responded to with a yes or no for it to be considered correct. This cadence of yes or no allows for some deliberate probing. Intelligent players will make an effort to limit their options.

I Have Never

Friends and casual acquaintances alike will enjoy playing I Have Never. The only condition is that everyone playing should have no hesitation about disclosing their darkest, most secretive secrets.

The first player in this campfire game shares something they have never done. It might be a minor mishap, an embarrassing slip-up, or something absurd.

Players who have not done it yet need not take any action. If they have done it, they need to get a sip of their drink.

As you can expect, as the game progresses, the likelihood of comedy can skyrocket. The game becomes more exciting as participants make more personal references.

Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is the next campfire game on our list of the finest games this year. This is a timeless game that people of all ages may enjoy. In “Truth or Dare?” one player challenges another. The player who is being quizzed might opt to answer a truth question or carry out a dare.

The player that was questioned must face a fine if they fail to finish their truth or dare. The fine includes adding a dollar to a jar, having another drink, and so forth. This game can be played in various ways to suit participants’ preferences for clean or risqué play.

Crazy Balloon Popping

This musical chairs-inspired game needs some preparation, but it is entertaining. Create a list of silly activities on small paper strips, place each strip in different balloons, then inflate them all.

Play some music while passing the balloons from person to person. All participants must sit on their balloons when the music stops, and when the balloon pops, they must perform the crazy motion from their popped balloon. Play on until all of the balloons have popped.

Hide & Go Seek

“Hide and Go Scare” is the next activity on our list of campfire games to play this summer with your pals. That is just as it sounds! Imagine “Hide & Go Seek” only at night. Utilize the spaces near your campfire to hide away and spook other players. Make careful you do not convert this into a drinking game around the campfire because people can get lost, and accidents can happen when someone is drunk. To be safe is preferable.


The traditional French game of boules is ideal for passing the time at a campsite; all you need is a small clearing and a set of boules. It is the goal of each player to place their metal boule closest to the cochonnet, a tiny wooden target ball. Everyone of all ages and skill levels may play together, and the leisurely tempo makes it particularly friendly.


Virtual Campfire Games

These are online events that include typical campfire games. Virtual campfire games are ways to recreate the bonfire experience on virtual meeting software like Zoom and Google Meet. The purpose of these gatherings is to have fun and build connections with each other.

Ghost Stories

One of the best internet activities for a campfire is sharing ghost stories. Just like during camp, you can share spooky stories with your teammates.

A flashlight, gloomy music, and eerie virtual backdrops like haunting forests or cemeteries can all be used by storytellers to create a spooky atmosphere. Ask the audience to vote on the spookiest tale using the polling option to make story time into a contest.

You can play as a team by dividing the group into breakout rooms and allowing each team five to ten minutes to come up with a terrifying scenario.

Lightning Scavenger Hunts

Lightning Scavenger Hunts are Zoom games where players have to collect items from various parts of the house. One point is awarded to the player or team who returns to their seat first and displays the required item on the screen. Your suggestions can expand the list, and you can also give points for original or thrilling things.

Virtual Charades

An excellent online game for a campfire is virtual charades. You can play as a single group or divide into teams.

You must first privately mail the turntaker a prompt in the chat to play the game during a video conversation. To generate ideas, you can use a charade generator or look to popular culture for inspiration. Bonus points if you keep the prompts related to camping and the outdoors.

Spotlight the turntaker when the round begins. The answer will not be spoken or typed; instead, the player will perform the sentence. The game is over when someone correctly guesses the saying. By adding a two-minute time limit, you may make the game into a race, or you can let it go on until someone successfully guesses.

Survivor Games

The excitement of fending off nature’s powers is a big part of the thrill of camping. Several tasks can be used to assess your team’s survival skills.

The most straightforward approach to playing survival games on Zoom is to utilize a trivia app or polling tool to administer a multiple-choice quiz on first aid or outdoor knowledge.

Spot Sasquatch

Where is Stripey Guy, with a forest theme called Spot Sasquatch? First, insert Bigfoot photographs into common photos to begin the game. Share your screen with the group during a video call after you have gathered everyone there. In addition to using the annotation tool to circle Bigfoot, players can call out the answers or input the location into the conversation. A point is awarded to the first person who sees Sasquatch.

Final Words

These are some of the most fascinating, rewarding, and only fun campfire games that we could think of. Any of them will make your camping trip even more unique, and they are all fantastic ways to break the ice and engage everyone in a common pastime.

The great part about these games is that they only need players with imagination, ingenuity, and a desire to have fun. You can play virtual campfire games at home if you wish to enjoy a get-together with faraway friends and relatives.

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