The Best Dust 2 Smoke Spots In CS:GO

Dust 2 is easily one of the most iconic maps in the history of first-person shooter video games. Originally famous due to Counter Strike 1.5, the map founds its way onto CSGO as well and became just as incredibly relevant as before. And it’s not even just Counter Strike, Dust 2 was ported into games like Garry’s Mod and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare too because it’s just so much fun to shoot around in it.

The map is very nostalgic for thousands of gamers because we grew up playing on it all day long. But that’s not the only reason why it’s so loved, it’s a genuinely great map too. It features a very good layout that is very fun for both the offensive and defensive parties. And the placement of bomb spots and the ways in which you can hide in it keep things very entertaining.

As with any other map, using smoke grenades in Dust 2 is a very useful tactic in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. And it’s even better if you know the best smoke spots Dust 2 has to offer. Because then you can perfectly strategize how you plan to blind your enemies. And when they’re lost, you can take advantage of the situation and arm/disarm the bomb with ease.

It takes a long time to figure out the best spots on your own – so let’s speed up the process with our help! These are the best smoke spots in Dust 2 for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

The entire point of smoke spots is simple – they should give you a great chance at hiding yourself in plain sight. There are multiple situations in which using smoke grenades is a good idea in Dust 2:

  • To move yourself or your team through a popular spot
  • To plant a bomb
  • To defuse a bomb
  • To confuse enemies so that you can shoot them all down

The best smoke spots in Dust 2 make use of one or more of these things. And that’s what we’re going to keep in mind with our recommendations. Though this guide is mainly for Counter Strike: Global Offensive – it can be used for other games too because Dust 2 hardly changes as a map. After all, it’s the design and layout that it’s so popular.

Keep in mind that the “T” refers to terrorist, and “CT” refers to Counter Terrorist in terms of who can benefit more from a specific smoke spot. You can pull them off as anyone, but this makes it easier to pick your favorites. Now let’s not waste a moment and look at the best smoke spots Dust 2 has.

1. T Long Corner Smoke, from Outside Long

Outside Long (t corner)

This is easily one of the most iconic parts of the Dust 2 map. Right after you spawn, you can see this long gate which leads to T Long Corner on the other side. So, it’s always a good idea to throw a smoke grenade there to secure yourself a safe passage.

What you’ll be doing here is lining up your shot specifically from the spot in the image. Make sure that you throw it from the top left corner of the structure. And then, it will reach the perfect spot on the other side and help you run away without getting shot.

Long A (t corner)

On the other side, this is what it will look like. It’s most certainly one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 has to offer. Especially because it’s something that you can do immediately after spawning.

2. T Smoke X-Box, from T Spawn

T Start (T Smoke X-Box)

For this one, you’re have to stand close to this part of the T Start of the Dust 2 map. Make sure to go right to the corner to get the exact angle that we’re recommending.

Once you find it, look away and specifically on the top side of this building. Aim specifically above that part of the structure and then throw you smoke grenade away.

T Start proper (T Smoke X-Box)

But make sure to jump while you throw it to get the best angle possible. If you stand it in an idle animation, it might just fall down on top of the building rather than go behind it.

Middle (T Smoke X-Box)

Your smoke grenade will land approximately around here near the box, thus the name. Once it spreads out, you can comfortably run around the spot without getting shot. Or you can use it to confuse enemies who are using that safe passage instead.

All in all, it’s one of the best smoke spots in Dust 2 if you want to take control of the map. Just make sure to not mess up the timing when doing the jump-throw.

3. T/CT Long Doors to Long A

This is a very easy and quick smoke spot, which is especially great for beginners who don’t have coordinated teamwork. What you need to do is to stand close to this spot in Long Doors when you can see this one specific door in front of you – in this specific angle. Then, throw the grenade right at it and it will bounce off into the appropriate spot.

Long Doors to Long A

Make sure that you threw the smoke grenade at the bottom side of the door. Once it hits, it’ll bounce off to the side and give you the perfect distraction to run away without getting shot. Especially if you wish to get on top of that structure to get a good aim at any enemies crossing that area.

Long A (long doors)

It’s one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 has for beginners, because most of the others require at least a little bit of teamwork. So, make sure to always keep a smoke grenade safe for yourself when you walk past this route. And the reason this says T/CT together is because this works equally well for both sides of the coin.

4. T Upper Tunnel Smoke B Door, to Bombsite B

This is a very interesting but difficult smoke spot to pull off. Beginners can surely try their luck, but we don’t recommend it as it might bounce off to the wrong spot and waste your grenade.

T Upper Tunnel Smoke B Door 1

What you need to do here is to go inside the Upper Tunnel and then line yourself up with this small box that can be seen in the image. Make sure to have the exact distance that you can see in the image. Because this is a very specific method to pull off.

T Upper Tunnel Smoke B Door 2

Then, carefully move forward without strafing to any other spot. Walk up to this specific part of the room and stare upwards to the broken ceiling. Though you can throw it away from several spots here, the best one is one that we’ve highlighted because it has lower chances of failing.

Aim up, then throw away the grenade. It will launch outside the Bombsite B door, which is an amazing advantage to have by your side. Not only does it give you a great passage through without the fear of getting shot, but it also helps you slow down anyone who is entering this place.

T Upper Tunnel Smoke B Door 3

This is where the grenade will land, which makes it one of the best smoke spots in Dust 2. It’s specific to pull off, but it’s very beneficial. And if you can get a teammate to help you out, then it’s even better. Because they can hide in the tunnels and throw the grenade, while you wait for enemies to come in and shoot them all down.

Just make sure to stand on the side so that you’re not a victim to any blind firing.

5. CT B Tunnels, from CT Spawn

CT B Tunnels from CT Spawn 1

Now we’re on the CT side of things. When you spawn, move outside of the area, and stand specifically here. The area will say Mid Doors, and you should be looking for that hole on the wall in front of you. What you have to do now, is to walk up to it and stand below it.

CT B Tunnels from CT Spawn 2

Once you reach the correct spot, simply look away to the opposite direction. Then, you have to aim towards that specific spot above the door on the top left. And of course, make sure that your back is pressed up against the hole in the wall when you get ready to throw.

CT B Tunnels from CT Spawn 3

Make sure to have the exact same angle as the picture. Because in CSGO, even the slightest inch moving here or there can make a huge difference. It’s important to ensure that the grenade lands where it was meant to with the beginning of the idea.

So, all good to go – then jump-throw the grenade. The jumping part is the hardest one, since you have to make sure it’s timed right with your click. But once you nail it, your smoke will go in one of the best Bombsite B spots in the game.

CT B Tunnels from CT Spawn 4

And there we have it, if you got the jump and throw timings right, your grenade will be going off here. Once the bomb spreads, you can rush your enemies with ease. Or if enemies are rushing you, then a teammate doing this can help you run past too. It’s one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 has for Counter Terrorists without a doubt.

6. CT Smoke Long Doors from Car

Unlike the previous one, this smoke spot is great both for beginners and experts alike. All that you need to do is to go to Long A and look for this specific car. Walk up to it and have your back against it, then look above towards the sky.

CT Smoke Long Doors from Car

Fortunately, you don’t have to jump for this one which makes it very easy to pull off. Especially since the sky is open too, so you won’t miss the shot as long as you make sure that you’re aiming properly.

CT Long Doors from Car 2

Aim for the sweet spot in our highlight. Then, just throw it away while standing in the right angle. The bomb will fly past that building, narrowly avoiding it from the right side. Then, it will land specifically outside the Long Doors area, which will block the passage with smoke.

Not only does it help your teammates run around safely, but it also blocks enemies from exiting from a very popular spot. Then, you can make sure to pick them out or just blindly fire for those standing inside. And if you have a Molotov, then you can ricochet it inside too and get rid of any enemies that are hiding.

CT Smoke Long Doors from Car 3

And there we have it. One of the best smoke spots Dust 2 has for CT and is very easy to pull off too. It’s great for team players who can coordinate, as one player throws the grenade. And the other one benefits from it while standing on the other side.

7. CT Smoke Top Mid from CT Spawn

This is one of the best smoke spots Dust 2 is well-known for. If you have a friend who has been playing for long, they will always recommend it somewhere down the line.

To start off, you need to be in this specific spot that is located around Mid Doors, next to CT spawn. Then find this wall and stand next to the highlighted area.

CT Smoke Top Mid 1

Once you’ve walked up and stood next to that spot, you have to make sure that you’re right next to this wall. And in this specific distance, which is the most important part.

CT Smoke Top Mid 2

Then look to the large door on the right side and move slightly backwards just a little bit. Don’t worry, you won’t move too much because this image has a good scale for it. Your exact positioning should look like this:

CT Smoke Top Mid 3

Line up your aim to the highlighted angle, and then you’re good to go. Throw the grenade and it will go over to the other side of Mid Doors, which is next to a box. It’s a great spot that people go through often, both for planting and defusing bombs. So, it’ll help to be able to use smoke to your advantage.

CT Smoke Top Mid 4

These are all of the best smoke spots Dust 2 has in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There are a few other spots that both terrorists and counter terrorists can use too. But we picked the best ones based on our preferences and experience – you wouldn’t be disappointed after using them!

We hope that you find this guide useful, and it will surely give you new techniques to play that you didn’t try before. And while you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other gaming guides too.

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