Ritual Skull Sea Of Thieves: Ways To Get Ritual Skull Easily


The first Ritual Skulls Sea of Thieves were added to Sea of Thieves last year as part of the Dark Relics Content Update. They are a special kind of resource. With the Dark Relics update, a brand-new variety of skulls called Ritual Skulls sea of thieves was added to the Sea of Thieves loot pool.

These fresh skulls are white with a handprint made of blood on the face. Ritual Skulls, in contrast to the other skulls that players can discover, are a particular kind of key that can be used or traded. Due to their rarity, finding Ritual Skulls’ sea of thieves can be only half the battle.

How Can I Get a Ritual Skull?

In the game, there are numerous methods for obtaining Ritual Skulls. While some of these only occasionally awards the item, others always guarantee a drop. Here are the places where you can find Ritual Skulls Sea Of Thieves.

Finish Skull Stash Voyages

The Skull Stash Voyages only require players to complete a mission with one chapter. And are a guaranteed supply of Ritual Skulls Sea of Thieves. For the skull to be dug up, locate the X depicted on the map.

By speaking with the NPC Larinna in front of the Tavern, you can purchase these Voyages for 30 Doubloons from the Bilge Rats Black Market in every outpost in the game. Only one Skull Stash Voyage may be ordered each month.

Defeat The Captain Of Skeleton Fleet

In Sea of Thieves, a particular type of world event called Skeleton Fleets challenges players against three waves of Skeleton Ships. And it gets harder and harder as the game progresses.

They receive a Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves as well as other additional rewards if they vanquish the third wave with the Skeleton Captain. The dark gray, galleon-shaped clouds in the sky clearly show where Skeleton Fleets randomly spawn around the center of the game map.

Get Rid of Skeleton Ships

Players frequently encounter lone Skeleton Ships when cruising through the sea that is not a part of a sizable Skeleton Fleet. These things happen quite frequently in the Sea of Thieves.

Additionally, even while you can never be certain that attacking these ships would net you a Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves, there is always a chance that when they are destroyed, they might drop one. So, if you are looking for Ritual Skulls, you might want to try sinking as many Skeleton Ships by yourself as you can.

Conquer an Ashen Lord

Another world event in Sea of Thieves called the Ashen Winds pits players against one of four possible Ashen Lords. These boss battles feature various phases and are extremely difficult. Beating them will always net you a Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves as a reward.

Keep a look out for the Ashen Winds Cloud above an island when sailing to take part in these battles. The location of a summoning ceremony for the Ashen Lords is marked by this red, flaming tornado. The battle should start as soon as you get close enough to an island where a ritual is taking place.

Open Ashen chest

Ashen Chests are unique receptacles that always contain three pieces of treasure. One of these is always an Ashen Tome. While the other two are chosen at random from a variety of objects, such as a Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves. Additionally, an Ashen Key is needed to access these chests.

There are two Ashen Chests. And also, two Ashen Keys that drop after taking out the Captain’s Ship of a Skeleton Fleet. But you can also earn them by doing other quests. Moreover, by participating in world events, or even taking out random Skeleton Ships.

Open Collectors’ Chest

There is a chance that Collector’s Chests, one of the many distinct container chests in Sea of Thieves, contain a Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves. There are various ways to get Collector’s Chests. But completing Riddle Maps and Wayfinder Voyages are two of the most trustworthy. Additionally, you might find them in any stronghold or shipwreck.

How To Use Ritual Skulls Sea Of Thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, ritual skulls can be used in several ways.

  • In Sea of Thieves, a Ritual Skull is mostly used to launch the Fort of the Damned Raid.
  • Additionally, you can offer a Ritual Skull for sale to anyone who is interested in return for Doubloons and other benefits.
  • You can earn an Emissary Grade reputation by installing a Ritual Skill on your ship when you are operating under Reaper’s Bones.

Bottom Line

Ritual skulls are not to be discovered on a typical treasure hunt. The prospect of obtaining a ritual skull is indeed very charming, and there are simple ways to do it. We hope our guide above helps you in finding your ritual skull in a sea of thieves.

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